Active ultra-lightweight and lightweight wheelchairs to empower you to live without limits.

QUICKIE active ultra-lightweight and lightweight wheelchairs are an extension of you. A perfect fit for your lifestyle and an expression of your personality. Our range of folding and rigid active wheelchairs are highly adjustable to suit you, your needs and your active life. With precision control, sensational performance and stunning styling, every QUICKIE wheelchair has its own distinctive personality.

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Lightweight Wheelchair Types

Rigid and folding frame active wheelchairs are lighter than standard wheelchairs and use components made of lightweight aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium. They have minimal rolling resistance, making them easier to propel. Depending on their individual requirements, users can choose between a rigid frame and a folding frame. This type of wheelchair is ideal for users who enjoy an active lifestyle and need a lightweight manual modern wheelchair that can keep up with their busy schedule and meet their demands for style.

QUICKIE rigid wheelchairs provide a fixed front frame for active users who are looking for an ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair. The absence of joints and hinges ensures an ultra-lightweight wheelchair which provides superior propulsion and a highly responsive manual wheelchair that offers precise control, superb balance and exceptional performance. Check out the popular Quickie Helium rigid wheelchair and our latest high-end ultra-lightweight wheelchair, the Quickie Krypton.

QUICKIE folding wheelchairs have folding frames and are perfect for active users who need an easily transportable lightweight manual collapsible wheelchair. The wheelchair frame is collapsible, with the seat and backrest made of flexible materials to ensure the wheelchair can be easily folded. They make an ideal wheelchair for travel or car transfers, although they weigh a little more, so require a little more force to be propelled. Discover the popular Quickie Xenon² folding wheelchair, or our latest ultra-lightweight folding wheelchair the Quickie Krypton.

QUICKIE Tilt-in-space wheelchairs are a great option for more dependent wheelchair users with high seating comfort and/or changing needs. Designed with both users and caregivers in mind, they offer full adjustability and excellent positioning options, allowing for quick and easy customisation to individual requirements – both today and tomorrow. The tilted position helps to facilitate feeding and respiratory functions, assist with pressure relief and improve visual alignment by holding the head upright. Due to the tilt function the seating position can easily be adapted depending on activity and changes in pressure distribution. The Quickie Iris is the lightest tilt in space wheelchair available today.

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