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Whether you’re in town, or exploring the country you can always rely on a STERLING mobility scooter to get you where you want to go. Easy to drive, inexpensive to run and environmentally friendly – our extensive scooter range covers everything from compact boot scooters, through to more stylish and powerful electric scooters – all with the peace of mind that only 30 years of experience can bring.

Where do you intend to use your mobility scooter?

Do you intend to use your mobility scooter on the road?

Does your mobility scooter need to be transported in the boot of your car?

What is the maximum speed that you need?

  • STERLING S700 Mobility Scooter


    Class 3 Mobility Scooter

    Your perfect companion for outdoor adventures.

    Starting from £3550 

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  • STERLING S425 Mobility Scooter


    Class 3 Mobility Scooter

    The compact, 8mph road-ready mobility scooter.

    Starting from £2990 

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  • STERLING S400 Mobility Scooter


    Class 2 Mobility Scooter

    The compact and comfortable mobility scooter for socialising around town.

    Starting from £2660 

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  • STERLING Elite 2 Plus Mobility Scooter

    Elite² Plus

    Class 3 Mobility Scooter

    Comfort, pleasure and safety on the road

    Starting from £5450 

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  • STERLING Trophy comfort Mobility Scooter


    Comfort Mobility Scooter

    The ultimate mobility scooter - enjoy unparalleled driving comfort and performance.

    Starting from £5250 

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  • STERLING Elite 2 XS Mobility Scooter

    Elite² XS

    Class 3 Mobility Scooter

    designed for reliability and safety whilst on the road.

    Starting from £4435 

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  • STERLING Sapphire 2 Mobility Scooter

    Sapphire 2

    Class 2 Mobility Scooter

    Secure handling but with a portable base.

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Mobility Scooter Advice

Choosing the right mobility scooter

One of the main considerations when buying your mobility scooter is taking the time to think about the environment it will be used in. For example, if you will mostly use your disability scooter around shopping centres and on the high street; or if you need your mobility scooter to be easily portable, then a product that can be dismantled into easy-to-manage parts with a speed of around 4mph may be suitable. In this instance, Sterling scooters such as the Sapphire 2 would be a good solution. All of these electric scooters are easy to transport and provide excellent manoeuvrability.

Alternatively, if you would prefer your mobility scooter to be able to cope with longer journeys without the need for secondary transportation, then a mobile scooter with a speed of around 6 – 8 mph and lights and indicators may be more suitable for you. The Sterling S425, S700, Trophy, Elite2 XS and Elite2 Plus can all travel up to an impressive speed of 8mph, meaning you can travel further and faster independently.

Please remember, this information is a guide only. You should always seek the professional advice of an experienced Sterling scooter dealership before buying. An authorised Sterling agent will be able to assess your needs to determine the right mobility scooter for you. Mobility scooters are medical devices and should be assessed accordingly.

Mobility Scooter Classifications

Mobility scooters are legally classed into two distinct categories. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve highlighted which category each of our disability scooters belongs to and provided an explanation of the two mobility scooter classifications.

What are class 2 mobility scooters?

Class 2 mobility scooters are mobile scooters that are suited for use on high streets and footpaths. They tend to have a narrower profile and a tighter turning circle (to help with manoeuvrability). You can legally travel up to 6.4kph (4mph) on public pavements and anywhere you would be permitted to travel on foot, so long as it is safe to do so. Class 2 mobility scooters do not have lights and indicators and are not allowed on the road. The Sterling range of Class 2 disability scooters includes the Sapphire 2 and S400.

If you want to use your mobility scooter for longer trips outdoors but still need it to be easy to manoeuvre indoors, the robust Sapphire 2 and S400 are excellent choices. The Sterling Sapphire 2 scooter has the advantage of being portable and separates easily into 4 parts. This disability scooter features powerful batteries to give you a range of 19 miles per charge. And if you’re looking for a mobility scooter with lights, the Sapphire 2 features bright LED lights to guide your way.


The Sterling 400 scooter can take you even further per charge. This mobility scooter features an impressive range of 22 miles. Looking for a mobility scooter with all-round suspension? The Sterling 400 delivers on this. A mobility scooter that offers great foot space means that every adventure you take is done in the upmost of comfort. This powerful luxury scooter is highly manoeuvrable thanks to its compact dimensions making it an ideal mobility scooter for use in shopping centres and busy high streets.

Class 3 Mobility Scooters

These are mobile scooters appropriate for road use and so tend to be larger in size, with a bigger turning circle. These mobility scooters also have a greater range and additional comfort to tackle varied terrain. Class 3 mobility scooters must be fitted with lights, indicators, a horn, a rear view mirror and rear reflectors so that they may be used on the road. The maximum speed a Class 3 mobility scooter may be used on the roads is 12.8kph (8mph). A Class 3 mobility scooter must be registered with the DVLA and requires road tax. Sterling has a wide range of robust mobility scooters perfect for use on the road and all those trips you want to make. Sterling’s range of Class 3 mobility scooters include the Sterling S425, S700, Elite2 XS and Elite2 Plus.

A comfortable mobility scooter for longer trips, the Sterling Elite2 XS is a very adjustable disability scooter with a rear suspension system and an adjustable seat, gas strut tiller and delta handle bar. This means you can choose the most comfortable driving position to suit you. The state of the art wig-wag control makes operating your Elite2 XS electric scooter very easy. With a speed of 8mph and range of 27.5 miles, your Elite2 XS can take you wherever you want to go.

If you like the features of the Elite2 XS but need a more powerful mobility scooter to tackle more challenging terrains, then the Sterling Elite2 Plus is the perfect solution. Offering all the same great features as the Elite2 XS and more, the Elite2 Plus is a mobility scooter with larger wheels and a bigger battery, enabling you to tackle all those more tricky obstacles with ease.

Other mobility scooters for outdoor use include the Sterling S425 and S700. The Sterling S425's large pneumatic wheels and all-round suspension system means taking kerbs or driving over rough terrain is done smoothly and in maximum comfort. Its bright LED lights and intuitive controls make this mobility scooter easy to drive. Choose this mobility scooter for a comfortable ride in total safety.

Looking for the very highest level of mobility scooter driving performance and range in an outdoor electric scooter? The Sterling S700 is the perfect choice. The S700 mobility scooter has a range of 34 miles per charge, making distance no limit. This disability scooter can tackle gradients of up to 10 degrees with its robust 33cm tyres making easy work of the toughest of terrains.

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