Bespoke Wheelchairs


Do you have a request that's different from the options available on our regular wheelchairs? Bespoke wheelchairs are our speciality. Built-4-Me will listen to your requirements, analyse the risk factors involved and deliver a unique, one-of-a-kind wheelchair to meet your needs. Explore some of the work we've already done for inspiration or alternatively contact us with your own unique request today!

Hand-crafted, unique wheelchairs to enhance your independence, individuality and ride.

We've created thousands of bespoke wheelchairs. From personalised paint jobs, tailored upholstery to individual options, when you want to break the mold, Built-4-Me will help you create a truly one-of-a-kind wheelchair. Take a look at some of the work that we've already done.

Examples of our work

Personally designed

By experienced Sunrise Medical engineers.

Unique to you

Built to your exact needs.

Hand built

By experienced Sunrise Medical manufacturing professionals.

Quality tested

For your safety before leaving our facility.

Why choose a built-4-me wheelchair?

How it works


Understanding Your Requirements

Your Sunrise Dealer will help you complete the regular product order form and document your individual needs. They will then forward your request to our Built-4-Me team.


Reviewing & Producing Your Request

Once we've received your order form and individual needs, we will analyse your request, evaluate any potential risks and propose a solution. If you're happy with our proposal, we will then proceed to manufacture your product.



When your bespoke wheelchair is complete, it'll be delivered to your dealership, who will go through your order with you and ensure you're happy with your wheelchair.

Interested in a bespoke wheelchair?


Frequently Asked Questions

You'll first need to contact your nearest authorised Sunrise Medical Dealership. They'll help you complete the standard order form for the product that you are interested in - and also the Built-4-Me order form (where you will include the details of the adaptation you need). Please include as much information as possible about your adaptation, as this will help us to understand what you need and offer the most appropriate solution.

They'll need to know the the product that you'd like the adaptation for, client measurements, social details (like the day-to-day environment the wheelchair will be used in) and of course details of the actual adaptation.

Please give as much information as you can - this will greatly help our experts to understand your existing/future needs and provide the best solution for you. Drawings, pictures or illustrations of the proposed solution are always useful, as well as a photo of how you are currently seated in your wheelchair.

For any queries relating to your order, you always need to contact the Sunrise Medical dealership where the order was placed.

Our goal is to always offer you the safest and most effective solution - that's why all requests for bespoke wheelchairs are subject to a risk analysis first. As we'll only offer safe solutions, in some circumstances we may decline the adaptation if it does not meet our safety requirements.

Our Built-4-Me team can provide whatever you need - from complex solutions such as electronic wheelchair controls to personalised paint-jobs. We'll help you achieve whatever you need, regardless of complexity.