Paediatric wheelchairs that keep up with the pace of kids!

The ZIPPIE range of paediatric wheelchairs are designed specifically for your child's development and independence. Available with a full range of easily tailored options and accessories, they’re wheelchairs that can be as distinctive as your child’s personality. Plus, many of our paediatric wheelchairs can even grow with your child, so there’s no big adjustment to swapping to a new wheelchair, just lots of small ones! 

What type of wheelchair frame do you need?

Do you need a wheelchair that tilts?

Do you need a wheelchair that grows with your child?

  • ZIPPIE Simba Children's Wheelchair


    Rigid Wheelchair

    The lightest rigid wheelchair for children with growth adjustability.

    Starting from £2390 

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  • ZIPPIE Youngster 3 Childrens Wheelchair


    Folding Wheelchair

    The lightest folding wheelchair for children with growth adjustability.

    Starting from £1997 

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  • zippie iris

    Zippie IRIS

    Tilt In Space Wheelchair

    Simply the best in paediatric positioning.

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Wheelchair Types for Children

ZIPPIE folding wheelchairs are a great option for children with changing needs, whether independent or dependent. They are ideal if your child has changing needs or your family requires a highly portable option for storing in tight spaces or portability by vehicle. Designed specifically for kids, ZIPPIE folding wheelchairs are simple to use, reliable and include built-in adjustments to keep up with your child as they grow!

ZIPPIE rigid wheelchairs are ideal for active and independent children. Easier to propel, they are highly responsive, lightweight and offer precise control, superb balance and exceptional performance. Paediatric-specific options support children’s unique needs, while growth accommodation allows the wheelchair to grow and change as the child’s body, lifestyle, environment and skills change.

ZIPPIE paediatric tilt-in-space wheelchairs are designed to improve your child's positioning by helping to facilitate feeding and respiratory function, reduce pressure and improve their line of sight by holding your child's head upright. Designed specifically for kids, a ZIPPIE tilt-in-space wheelchair provides all of the simplicity that you'd come to expect from ZIPPIE, along with the built-in adjustments to keep up with your child's changing needs.

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