Mobility and walking aids to make everyday activities more convenient.

The COOPERS range of mobility aids and walking aids help you to keep mobile and independent both inside and outside the home. Our range of mobility aids includes rollators, walking frames, crutches and walking sticks.

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Types of Mobility Aids

Walking Frames

Walking frames offer stability to those who would otherwise be unable to support themselves unaided. To use a non-wheeled walking frame, you should lift it and move it slightly in front of your body. You can then lean on it, taking your weight through the handgrips and take two equal  length steps into the centre of the frame. The size and type of the wheel are important - the larger the wheel, the easier it is to push the walking frame (especially over rough ground). Smaller, more solid wheels are really only suitable for indoor use.

Three Wheel Walkers

Three Wheel walkers are easy to push and provide a more continuous walking pattern if you have difficulty initiating movement. Their compact size makes them more suitable for indoor use.


Some rollators have four small wheels on the front and back legs. these are very easy to push and the frame can be used without the need to lift it. they are very mobile, but may not provide enough support for some users. Rollators with additional features such as bigger wheels, seats and backrests are generally larger than most standard frames and are usually used outdoors.

Walking Stick Handles

Walking sticks with crook handled can be hooked over the arm when not in use. Swan neck handles spread the user's weight centrally over the base, which may be helpful for those who require more stability. Contoured handles, for example Fischer handles, spread pressure over a wider area of the hand and may be more comfortable for permanent users (or for those with painful hands).


A full assessment of the user's specific requirements is needed before selecting crutches. Elbow crutches are available with standard and moulded handgrips in both single and double versions. Closed elbow cuffs provide added security and enable the user to let go of the handgrip to open a door without the crutch falling to the floor. Axilla crutches and crutches with specific features are also available to provide specific benefits.

Please remember that this is a guide only. It should be remembered that every individual has different needs and this information can only act as a general guide to the type of mobility aid that may be helpful.

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