Sports wheelchairs designed for the spirit of competition.

Looking for a sports wheelchair to give you the competitive advantage, or maybe a hand bike for recreational use? QUICKIE provides the ultimate solutions for your favourite wheelchair sport. Our high performance sport wheelchairs and racing hand bikes raise the bar with perfect driving characteristics. Combining the perfect balance of ultra-lightweight materials, high performance technology and efficient ergonomics. Whether you’re a professional wheelchair athlete looking for a wheelchair for competitive sport, or an occasional user who wants a racing wheelchair for leisure –  you’re sure to be onto a winner.

Our QUICKIE sport wheelchairs are ideal for use in both amateur and competitive sport.

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Sports Wheelchair Types

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Sunrise Medical, that’s why QUICKIE is proud to be the manufacturer of high performance hand bikes and basketball wheelchairs. Featuring the very best materials to ensure you’re at the top of your game, our selection of sports wheelchairs are designed with winning in mind.
The award-winning Shark RS hand bike is the perfect  racing hand bike and the choice of champions. An extremely lightweight hand bike, the Shark RS is  designed for high-speed racing and navigating those bends, whilst always providing maximum stability. The Shark RS has an innovative frame design to allow for the best individual positioning and performance.

Looking for a hand bike for leisure or at a semi-professional level? Then the Shark RT handbike is the perfect choice. Providing the same level of exceptional performance as the Shark RS hand bike, the Shark RT is perfect for both hgh-speed and more relaxed rides. The Shark RT’s purpose-built design offers more adjustability and flexibility enabling you to find your very best position to take your hand bike to the roads.

If wheelchair basketball is the sport for you, the Quickie All Court Basketball Wheelchair specifically designed for basketball, is the perfect chair for the game. We took input from the most elite basketball wheelchair athletes and designed the Quickie All Court, a sports wheelchair with maximum power and manoeuvrability on the basketball court. With an extremely lightweight and adjustable frame for high performance, the All Court takes your wheelchair basketball game to a whole new level.

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