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Looking for a sports wheelchair to give you the competitive advantage, or maybe a hand bike for recreational use? QUICKIE provides the ultimate solutions for your favourite wheelchair sport. Our high performance sport wheelchairs and racing hand bikes raise the bar with perfect driving characteristics. Combining the perfect balance of ultra-lightweight materials, high performance technology and efficient ergonomics. Whether you’re a professional wheelchair athlete looking for a wheelchair for competitive sport, or an occasional user who wants a racing wheelchair for leisure –  you’re sure to be onto a winner.

Our QUICKIE sport wheelchairs are ideal for use in both amateur and competitive sport.


QUICKIE Shark RS Hand Bike

The hand bike choice of champions.

From £9085


QUICKIE Shark RT Hand Bike

The hand bike for leisure and semi-professional athletes.

From £6958


QUICKIE All Court Sports Wheelchair

The sports wheelchair to push your basketball game to its limits.

From £3670

Frequently Asked Questions

Spokeguards are plastic covers that fit over your wheelchair's rear wheel. Attached using cable ties, they help to prevent  your fingers getting caught between the wheel's spokes when propelling your wheelchair. They're also a great way of adding a flair of personalisation. Available in a variety of designs, our Built-4-Me bespoke wheelchairs department can even produce spokeguard covers with your own, unique design!

Sideguards are mounted on the left and right side of your wheelchair. They help to protect your hands and clothing from the dirt and water that can be  kicked up by the wheels of your wheelchair. Sideguards an be fixed or removable and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you have a folding wheelchair, your serial number will be on the cross-brace (the folding bars underneath the seat of your wheelchair). If you have a rigid wheelchair, the serial number will be on the rear side of the frame.

Handrims (sometimes called pushrims) are the part of the rear wheel that you grip to propel your wheelchair. Attached to the outside of the wheel, they're available in a variety of materials (including aluminium, stainless steel or titanium). Handrims are also available with rubber coating or can be equipped with rubber strips that fits over the surface of the handrim to help increase friction. The distance of the handrim to the wheel can be adjusted according to your needs.

Camber is the angle of the wheelchair's rear wheels in relation to the ground. Traditionally, the rear wheels are at  90° to the ground, so the camber measurement is 0. A negative camber (usually seen in sports wheelchairs) adjusts the angle of the rear wheels inwards, so they're easier to grasp - helping to manouvre your wheelchair with less force. The increased width from the spacing of the wheels also helps to improve lateral stability (but can also make it more difficult when navigating narrow environments).



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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Sunrise Medical, that’s why QUICKIE is proud to be the manufacturer of high performance hand bikes and basketball wheelchairs. Featuring the very best materials to ensure you’re at the top of your game, our selection of sports wheelchairs are designed with winning in mind.
The award-winning Shark RS hand bike is the perfect  racing hand bike and the choice of champions. An extremely lightweight hand bike, the Shark RS is  designed for high-speed racing and navigating those bends, whilst always providing maximum stability. The Shark RS has an innovative frame design to allow for the best individual positioning and performance.

Looking for a hand bike for leisure or at a semi-professional level? Then the Shark RT handbike is the perfect choice. Providing the same level of exceptional performance as the Shark RS hand bike, the Shark RT is perfect for both hgh-speed and more relaxed rides. The Shark RT’s purpose-built design offers more adjustability and flexibility enabling you to find your very best position to take your hand bike to the roads.

If wheelchair basketball is the sport for you, the Quickie All Court Basketball Wheelchair specifically designed for basketball, is the perfect chair for the game. We took input from the most elite basketball wheelchair athletes and designed the Quickie All Court, a sports wheelchair with maximum power and manoeuvrability on the basketball court. With an extremely lightweight and adjustable frame for high performance, the All Court takes your wheelchair basketball game to a whole new level.