Reliable, high quality standard manual wheelchairs that accommodate a variety of needs.

The quality of your life shouldn’t be compromised and neither should the quality of your manual wheelchair. The BREEZY family of standard manual wheelchairs provides users, caregivers and suppliers peace of mind in terms of quality, dependability and ease of operation. These entry-level wheelchairs feature steel or aluminium folding wheelchair frames and are thoroughly tested, making BREEZY a name you can trust.

Do you need a wheelchair that tilts?

What type of frame material?

Do you need comfort seating?

What is the weight of the intended user?

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Manual Wheelchair Types

BREEZY tilt-in-space wheelchairs, such as the Ibis, provide comfort and superb adjustability to encourage independence.

BREEZY portable manual wheelchairs – These are compact and lightweight manual wheelchairs which make caregiver-assisted transport safe, convenient and comfortable. They are very compact for easy storage.

BREEZY folding manual wheelchairs – Manual wheelchairs with folding frames that collapse for easy transport and portability, providing a comfortable and supportive wheelchair for security for you and your loved one.

BREEZY folding manual wheelchairs have a number of options for the comfort of users and caregivers alike. The range includes the BREEZY BasiX2 and the RubiX2.

BREEZY multi-functional wheelchairs give you an adjustable wheelchair that can be adapted to suit a variety of users. These manual wheelchairs can be tailored to specific needs, making for quick and easy assessments and unrivalled comfort. The RelaX2 is an example of the BREEZY multi-functional wheelchair.

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