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Combination Agreements

Not sure if it's possible to combine a Sunrise Medical product with a product or accessory from another supplier? Here you can find a list of products that Sunrise Medical products have a combination agreement with.


Returning a Product

Find out how to return a product or part to us, along with our disinfection requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about your Sunrise Medical product? Find the answer here.



Download PDF versions for current and discontinued products.


Battery Disposal

Information about how to dispose of waste/exhausted batteries in line with current environmental legislation.

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Safety Notifications

Find out about any important safety notices that may pertain to your Sunrise Medical mobility product.


Funding Support

Purchasing a new wheelchair or mobility scooter can be expensive, but fortunately there are a number of organisations and schemes in place to provide financial support.

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Technical Bulletins

Read about Important updates to our range of products.


Crash testing

Learn more about how we crash-test our products and which products are crash-tested.

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UK DAHL Docking System Installers

Looking to fit a Dahl docking system? We can help you find your local approved UK Dahl docking system installers.

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Explore Your World: Powerchair Air Travel

Travel is a part of life. When travelling by airplane, a little preperation can ensure a safe and successful trip. Get the most out of your journey with your Sunrise Medical power wheelchair with tips, documentation and support for people on the go.

Do you need a service or repair?

Do you need to arrange a repair or service?

We hope that you have a trouble-free experience with your Sunrise Medical product. However, if a problem should occur, the Sunrise Medical dealership where you originally bought your product from is your first point of call. They are trained to diagnose and rectify any problems, including warranty repairs and carrying out servicing.

Can't remember where you bought your product from?

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