Lightweight Wheelchair

Starting from  £3500

Technology Evolved

PIONEERING innovation was at the heart of the QUICKIE 1 back in the 1980s and has remained at the core of each and every QUICKIE lightweight wheelchair thereafter.

  • Materials
  • Innovation
  • Carbon Braiding
  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Materials Evolved

    From the very first lightweight Quickie wheelchairs back in the 1980s we have always strived to utilise the best technologies and materials of each era. From lightweight aluminium in the eighties, through titanium in the nineties and the various advancements in that area we’ve continually sought out the best, most-efficient, material for our lightweight wheelchairs.

    Our latest development, Carbon Fibre has been available in wheelchairs for a number of years. QUICKIE have persisted to optimise how carbon fibre is manufactured to create the perfect balance of strength and rigidity. The result? Our X-BRAID technology is unique to QUICKIE and delivers a carbon fibre wheelchair like never before.

  • Innovation Evolved

    Unique manufacturing allows us to create a carbon wheelchair like never before  using technology previously unseen in wheelchairs. We are proud to introduce our X BRAID technology which ensures STRENGTH, rigidity and constant QUALITY.

    Our X BRAID technology creates a revolutionary material that’s STRONGER, STIFFER and LIGHTER than ever before.


  • Carbon Braiding

    CARBON FIBRE is five times STRONGER than steel and STIFFER and LIGHTER than any other material available. That’s what it’s the material of choice for the Krypton.

    Unlike traditional manufacturing techniques where carbon is layered, the revolutionary Krypton X BRAID technology creates a constant weave in the frame tubing, ensuring zero weak links and delivering a PRECISE and CONSISTENT result EVERY TIME.


  • Strength Evolved

    X BRAID technology provides the QUICKIE Krypton with unparalleled STRENGTH and durability previously unseen in carbon wheelchairs.

    Once the carbon tube has been braided, it is sealed with a resin for strength. When you receive your Krypton you will be using a chair that is able to keep up with your daily activities, whatever life delivers.

    X BRAID is just one of the unique technologies we use to ensure each carbon Krypton is BEST IN CLASS.

  • Energy Evolved

    The QUICKIE Krypton blends adapted technology and fine-tuned capabilities to offer our most energy efficient wheelchair to date.

    The front of the Krypton is LIGHTER than ever before, so you exert less energy when pushing. The centre of gravity of the chair can be tailored to your shape and propulsion style to ensure the optimal set up for you.

Technology Evolved

The ultimate QUICKIE wheelchair available in a rigid or folding frame.

The creation of the QUICKIE Krypton has been an evolution over the past four decades, exploring numerous lightweight materials and manufacturing processes to bring you the ultimate lightweight energy efficient wheelchair.

Unique manufacturing allows us to create a lightweight carbon wheelchair – like never before – using X BRAID technology which has been previously unseen in wheelchairs.

Choose the rigid efficiency of the Krypton R, from just 3.65 kg or the convenience of the Krypton F – the lightest adjustable wheelchair in the world - which folds to a compact transportation size.

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Style your ride

Your QUICKIE Krypton is available in three bold colour accents (red, orange and blue). Add a splash of personality and show off your signature style - being as bold or as minimal as you desire. Click on the colour options to the right to see for yourself.

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Krypton R: Rigid Efficiency

The Krypton R is our rigid option (and our most efficient). The rigid axle tube is very stiff and reduces overall movement in the wheelchair.

This allows more energy that you put into the wheelchair to be transferred to the forward propulsion. The backrest can be folded and the rear wheels removed to allow for a lightweight folding package to be lifted into the car. The transfer weight of the wheelchair can start from as little as 3.65kg, meaning less stress on your shoulders and giving you the freedom to live life on your terms.

Krypton F: Folding for travel

The Krypton F is the folding options, this means that it can fold horizontally for a more compact size.

The folding cross-brace is our most advanced cross-brace ever and is extremely lightweight. The Krypton F is 500g lighter than the Xenon-FF and is the lightest adjustable wheelchair in the world.

When the Krypton is folded, you can choose to remove the wheels or stow the wheelchair in a folded position. The fold-down back option provides an even more compact folding package.

Commissioned Carbon

Sculpting wheelchairs is an art we have developed over the last 30 years. We understand that everyone has a different shape and size and we know how important it is to have a wheelchair bespoke to you.

With that in mind, there are over 10,000 configuration possibilities for each Krypton version (rigid and folding). Our exclusive agents will be able to recommend the best options for your shape, lifestyle and requirements.

Each Krypton comes with carbon options that complement the frame tube to cater for many demands and preferences. In the event that these don't perfectly suit you, there's a range of alternative options available. 

Elegant Carbon

Finish your Krypton with a choice of frame options.

The frame-tubing can be left raw or coated to offer a premium look to suit you and your style.

Options include:

  • Transparent gloss
  • Transparent matt
  • Black gloss
  • Black matt 

Customised Carbon

The ART of prescribing a wheelchair is something that our exclusive dealers have decades of experience in.

Sometimes options are selected for their aesthetics, often it's to deal with the demands of the environment or even due to personal preference. Whatever your requirements we can tailor-make your Krypton to suit you.

Your exclusive KRYPTON agent will take time to talk you through the vast range of options - some of which are unique to the Krypton - to ensure that your Krypton will be perfect for you.

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Technical Specifications

Seat Width:320 - 460 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Seat Depth:340 - 480 mm (in 20 mm increments)
Front seat height:430 - 550 mm
Rear seat height:380 - 500 mm (R) 370 - 500 mm (F)
Back height:250 - 450 mm (R) 250 - 475 mm (F)
Total Width:Width: 760 mm/Length: 930 mm/ Height: 950 mm (R) Width: 720 mm / Length: 1075 mm / Height: 950 mm (F)
Backrest Angle:59° - 105° (R) 75° - 103° (F)
Camber:0°/3° (R) 0°/2°/4° (F)
Max. User Weight:125 kg (R) 110 kg (F)
Product Weight:Transport weight from 3.65kg (R); 5.8kg (F). With wheels weight from 6.2 kg (R) From 8.3 kg (F)
Frame Colours:Transparent gloss, transparent matt, black gloss, black matt
As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.