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Looking for a rollator that suits your active life and allows you to walk comfortably and confidently, indoors and out? Then a GEMINO rollator is the perfect choice for you. Our lightweight rollators set new standards in comfort, safety and design. And let you be yourself. With a wide choice of models, sizes, colours and accessories there is always a GEMINO that fits your needs - and personal style!

GEMINO 30 Carbon

GEMINO 30 Carbon Lightweight Rollator

The 5.6 kg lightweight folding carbon rollator.

From £440


GEMINO 30 Lightweight Rollator

The lightweight rollator for an active lifestyle.

From £299

GEMINO 30 Comfort

GEMINO 30 Comfort Outdoor Rollator

High indoor manoeuvrability with outdoor performance

From £339


GEMINO 60 Outdoor Rollator

Rollator designed for active outdoor use and ultimate comfort. Lightweight yet rock solid.

From £349

GEMINO 30 Walker

GEMINO 30 Walker Lightweight Rollator

Lightweight rollator with forearm supports for increased stability. Perfect for gait training.

From £449

GEMINO 60 Walker

GEMINO 60 Walker Outdoor Rollator

Walker rollator designed for optimal support and stability - indoors and out!

GEMINO 30 SpeedControl

GEMINO 30 SpeedControl Lightweight Rollator

Rollator with innovative dynamic braking system for maximum security and a smooth gait.

GEMINO 30 Parkinson

GEMINO 30 Parkinson Lightweight Rollator

Rollator specially designed for people with Parkinson’s.

From £599

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Who says a rollator means heavy, unattractive and hard to handle? Lightweight rollators by GEMINO prove that a rolling walker can be anything but that! Offering 100% comfort, safety and design, a GEMINO allows you to stay mobile and enjoy an active life – in style!
GEMINO – a 100% rollator for you!
Discover the complete GEMINO family and find the model that suits your needs and personality. With the ‘basic’ Gemino 20 you get great functionality at an attractive price. Our award-winning Gemino 30 rollator combines high manoeuvrability with outdoor performance, and offers lots of colour options and accessories for easy personalization. Active use and ultimate comfort on any terrain? Our Gemino 60 outdoor rollator with its extra-large, soft wheels is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle!