Designed to support for improved overall posture and function

JAY Positioning Supports address mild to involved positioning of the head, upper body, pelvis and lower body, with sizes available for both children and adults.

Pair with your JAY wheelchair cushion, wheelchair back, or custom seating system to maximise the effectiveness of your seating solution.

JAY - The wheelchair support you need!

Types of Positioning Supports

These wheelchair positional devices are designed to improve upper body posture, help hold the head upright, improve function in the arms and hands, and assist with breathing.

The JAY Arm Troughs provide comfortable and supportive positioning with easy-to-clean Reverse Dartex Covers.  

JAY pelvic positioning belts are designed to help keep the pelvis stable and aligned. When the pelvis is properly positioned, it improves your overall body posture and function. Options include various support styles, sizes, closure styles, and adjustments.

JAY lower body positioning includes foot boxes and shoe holders, which are designed to support the feet, ankles, and even calves. When your feet are positioned properly, it can help reduce pressure on other areas of the body, including under the pelvis.
Our JAY foot boxes, available in single, dual, and dual with divider styles, protect users from injury and skin breakdown. With our JAY shoe holders, you can choose from four different styles to fulfill your individual needs. The JAY knee adductors complete our lower body positioning range.
For a complete overview, you can have a look at our Wheelchair Positioning Support range brochure.

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