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TB UK230 - F55 20kph Introduction


Product update
We are announcing an exciting new update to our F55 powered add-on bike. Now available with a powerful 20kph option, the F55 takes mobility to a whole new level of speed and efficiency! This update is available on both the 8.5” and 14” models.

How to order
With the latest revision of the F55 order form, you will see the new 20kph speed option under Speed Setting:


The updated order form can be found HERE, or by visiting our website:


Upgrading existing F55s
Existing F55s can be upgraded to the 20kph option. This can be achieved by installing the 20kph version of the display. Please contact customer services for the item number.


For any queries on any of these updates please contact your local Area Sales Manager.

Note: Using the Empulse F55 with max. speed settings higher than 6 kph is only permitted on public roads in certain countries and otherwise may only be used on private property.
In the absence of approval, in accordance with the road traffic laws, the Empulse F55 may not be driven on public roads, bicycle-lanes and pavements. You need to inform yourself about the country specific legislation regarding usage and your legal obligation to insure the Empulse F55.