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TB UK223 - DTT Software Update VR2 2 Compatibility


Earlier this year we released a technical bulletin advising the release of a new VR2 power module which coincided with the release of a programming software update, details can be found here:

Following the release of this bulletin, we received feedback that the new VR2 power modules could no longer be programmed via a handheld DTT programmer, as the software update only covered the PC version. Over the past month we have listened to your feedback, and worked closely with the control systems manufacturer (Curtiss-Wright) to address this and introduce a software update to allow DTT’s to work with the new power modules.

This update is now available and over the next few months will be rolled out via our sales team.


How to Update your DTT
If you have a DTT in the field that you need to update, please contact your Area Sales Manager as they have access to the update file that is required. They will then be able to either talk your through the update, or complete the update for you in person.

NOTE: Please check which version of the DTT you are using, as there are two different update files depending on the age of your unit.
This can be done either via reading the serial label on the back of the unit or via the info screen on the menu.

For more information, please contact your Area Sales Manager.