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TBUK121 Aurora tray holder re-design


At JCM we always strive to offer products that can provide solutions for any child, via the adjustments and modularity that can be achieved throughout our range. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce our new Tray Holder for the Aurora 3-in-1 standing frame coming into effect from the 1st August.

As per the graphic below, the new design enables much more flexibility in the height adjustment of the tray. This will allow the Aurora to meet the needs of a larger number of clients, especially if the Aurora is being used by more than one child or is to be reissued.

Changing of the tray bracket is simple and easy to do; just loosen the bolts fixing the metalwork to the central extrusion, slide off the extrusion, flip the bracket over, slide back into the desired position and then tighten the bolts.  Spare part numbers will remain the same and can be retro fitted onto older models.

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