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TB UK078 Notification of discontinuation -TX Mobility Base


As part of our continuous efforts to improve the service and products offered to customers, JCM Seating Solutions have taken the decision to streamline the product portfolio and discontinue the TX mobility base. Whilst the TX has served its purpose well over the years it is now an older design and JCM can now offer a better alternative for the manual tilt-inspace mobility base. JCM will continue to support exisiting TX bases regarding spare parts, reviews and repairs but moving forward all manual tilt-in-space requirements will be met by the RS base from Sunrise Medical.


• The Zippie RS is designed for a variety of positioning needs focused on respiratory function and feeding, reducing pressure beneath the pelvis and improving visual orientation

• With a patented rotation-in-space mechanism that uses no gas springs, tilting is easy, smooth and controlled with a range of 45°

• Easy positioning and repositioning is ideal for those users who cannot consistently perform a functional independant weight shift consistently

• By rotating around the user‘s centre of gravity greater stability is ensured regardless of the degree of tilt used

• There are two centre of gravity positions available – passive offers a tip resistant wheelchair, whilst the active configuration offers a shorter wheelbase with enhanced manoeuvrability

• A rear wheel selection of 16, 22 or 24“ ensures the most efficient drive profile can be selected

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