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TB UK060 Active User Flip Up Anti Tip Update


Description of Bulletin:
We have received feedback from customers about the longevity of the composite mounting bracket for the flip up anti-tip on the Helium and Argon2. Feedback and testing have indicated that persistent contact with the ground during transfers has allowed the bracket to become damaged.
This fault has appeared more frequently for users carrying out independent cars transfers. Typically users that detach the wheels and place the chair on the ground during a transfer have seen this failure. As the composite bracket is the most protruding part of the wheelchair when placed on the ground with the wheels detached, persistent impact over time has caused some brackets to break. 

The bracket for the user operated anti-tip is now manufactured from aluminium, which will illuminate this failure.

Benefits to the Customer:
The new bracket design will increase the quality and durability of the flip up anti-tip and eradicate this type of failure.

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