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TB0431 Improvement to Salsa M battery capacity


Subject of Bulletin:

Improvement to Salsa M battery capacity.

Reason for change:

In an ongoing effort to improve the design, functionality and performance of our products we are pleased to announce an upgrade to the batteries supplied on the Salsa-M and Salsa MHD powered wheelchairs.

After an extensive development and testing project the batteries supplied on the salsa M and M HD have been upgraded to 55Ah.

The new battery (shown to the right) has a capacity of 55Ah/C20 (10% higher capacity than the original battery) and has gone through extensive internal and field testing over the past 12 months and has outperformed the previous batteries supplied on the salsa M.

The part number for this new battery is 21116001, and the previous MK 50Ah/C20 battery (000172.32102) will no longer being used.

Improvements for the customer:

Salsa M power chairs fitted with the new batteries have up to a 10% increase in maximum range, as the new battery is 55Ah as opposed to the original 50Ah batteries.

After Sales Servicing – Important note:

Sunrise Medical UK will be supplying only the new battery as a spare part from 14th March 2014 onwards. It is important to ensure that where original MK batteries are fitted, any new batteries supplied should be fitted as a pair of Eternity batteries. It is not advisable to mix different capacity batteries on the same chair as they have different ratings and characteristics, and it is always advisable that batteries are replaced as a pair whenever there are battery issues on a product. The new batteries are comparable in size to the older MK batteries, and the existing battery looms can be used although the new batteries will require the battery looms to be screwed into the threaded holes rather than using the terminal connections on the MK batteries.

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