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TB UK046 Introduction of new JAY LITE cushion


Subject of Bulletin:

In an ongoing effort to improve the design, functionality and performance of our JAY wheelchair cushions, the ultra lightweight JAY LITE wheelchair cushion has undergone a series of design improvements based on user feedback. The improvements will be implemented as a running change from 29th September 2014 onwards.

New Features:
  • New wider Pelvic Loading Area (PLA or seat well)
  • New lightweight removable foam inserts
  • Corner cuts on base (chamfered edges running front to back)
  • New softer foam top layer

Design Changes & Benefits to Customer

1. New Wider PLA
The PLA has been widened to prevent overloading and discomfort underneath the trochanters (hip bones).  This feature has greatly increased the comfort for the user without compromising the pelvic stability and pressure relief provided through the Optiwell™ technology which redirects pressure from underneath the ischial tuberosities (seat bones) to the hips and thighs.

2.  New Lightweight Removable Foam Insert
The cushion has a new lightweight reticulated foam insert which is securely positioned onto the base foam by velcro. The lightweight insert (only 95g) is removable and contained in a microclimatic cover to offer maximum air flow underneath the buttocks where the most humidity develops. It is removable and machine washable making it easy to maintain. 
  • New polyurethane foam insert with incontinent cover is less breathable than the standard insert but slightly softer, more durable and protects the inner foam for users who need it.  It is available as a spare part and easily retrofittable. 

3.  Corner Cuts (Chamfered edges) to Base Foam 
The base foam now features bevelled or chamfered side edges. This feature reduces the load on the greater trochanters by reducing the bend on the base foam when sat on sling upholstery and also reduces the overall cushion height when fitted into the wheelchair.

4.  New Softer Foam Top Layer
The order of the foam layers in the base has been changed so that the softer darker foam is on top and the firmer rigid foam (light grey colour) is at the bottom.  This change further enhances comfort for the active user but also increases both postural stability to aid efficient propulsion and cushion durability during prolonged use and transfers.

Ordering the JAY LITE cushion
The order codes and process remain unchanged.

If you require any assistance, please contact Matthew Eveleigh, JAY Clinical Specialist, who can assist you at

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To download the full Technical Bulletin please click here.

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