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TB UK179 - Discontinuation Of Manual Chair Options And Colours


At Sunrise Medical we frequently review our purchasing streams, to understand which items from our suppliers caused continual delays of chairs being shipped on the initial delivery dates provided. After evaluating the option-mixes for the complete manual portfolio, we have identified low-running options and options with vulnerable and inconsistent supply-chains for discontinuation.

As of the 1st January 2022 the following options will be discontinued or changed:

  • Silver > Brilliant Silver
  • Platinum Metallic > N/A
  • Azure Blue > Brilliant Marine
  • Matt Lime > Kiwi
  • Brilliant Lime > Mamba Green
  • White > Signal White
  • Cappuccino > N/A
  • Silver Texture > N/A
  • Matt Purple > Brilliant Purple

The benefits of the discontinuations will create easier order forms and will help reduce lead times. Functionally equivalent alternatives for the discontinued options are in the table above.

For the full Technical Bulletin and to read all discontinued options, please visit: