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TBUK140 - IRIS With Hub Brakes

TBUK140 - IRIS With Hub Brakes


The Quickie and Zippie IRIS are some of the most popular tilt in space chairs on the market. Offering a wide range of tilt via smooth rocker system that keeps the users COG in the middle of the chair when tilted, removing any impact on manoeuvrability and stability associated with other tilt in space products.

However, based on customer feedback there have been a number of factors that have traditionally prohibited it from being prescribed:

  • Long Lead times due to it being manufactured in the USA
  • Complicated prescription
  • No Hub Brake option

We have undertaken a project to stock both the Quickie and Zippie IRIS in the UK to overcome the above challenges and offer the IRIS to a wider audience.

Therefore from 1st January 2021 we will be stocking 6 configuration of the ZIPPIE & QUICKIE Iris in the UK, each fitted with hub brake kits as standard.

Customer Benefit

Short Lead Times - Both the Quickie and Zippie IRIS are now stocked in our UK Factory in Brierley Hill, offering a 5 day lead time of our fixed specification.

Simple, one-page prescription form - Traditionally, the IRIS came with a long and complicated prescription form, we have now introduced a fixed specification one page order form to make it as simple as possible to prescribe the IRIS.

Download the full technical bulletin to read what fixed specification includes, how to order in full detail, and the product features of the Iris.

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