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TB UK173 - Neptune 2 Discontinuation

Alternative product available: Triton


Since the merger of Sunrise Medical JCM and Leckey, we have focused on trying to consolidate the product offerings from each company in order to streamline our range and increase efficiency, ultimately leading to reduced complexity and shorter lead times for our clients.

To that end, we have taken the decision to discontinue the JCM Neptune 2 with immediate effect, however a limited selection of spare parts will be available for 5 years.

As an alternative solution, the JCM Triton is available with the following benefits:

The Triton seating system has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of those users with extensive and complex requirements. A split seat as standard ensures leg length discrepancy is precisely supported, and the option of uniquely designed dynamic components means that even those users with powerful extensor patterns can maintain their optimum seating position.

The dynamic feature in the back rest is controlled via air pressure, for both the rate at which it opens under pressure from the user, as well as the rate at which it returns to its default position. These features give the Triton a controlled, gentle movement with the flexibility to meet any changing needs of the user as they grow or their presentation changes.

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