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TB UK171 - Introduction of Q300 M Mini Kids & Teens


As part of the continued expansion of the Q-Series Family, we are delighted to introduce the Q300 M Mini Kids and Q300 M Mini Teens to the portfolio.

Base Overview

The Kids and Teens seating systems are mounted to the Q300 M Mini base, offering all the benefits of indoor manoeuvrability due to a 52cm wide chassis and true mid-wheel drive technology, as well as the outdoor improvements such as greater range (36km) and increased performance via higher torque motors. Use of this chassis also means more shared components and accessories across the Q-Series fleet, reducing stock holdings and maintaining familiarity with the product.

Seating Overview

 The Kids and Teens seating is based on the Kids and Teens seating from the Salsa range, meaning it is a tried and tested seating system in terms of quality and durability. However, we have introduced a number of Q-Series options and accessories to improve the clinical application of the product, such as:

  • Smaller Seat Sizes
  • NEW 14” Drive Wheel Option
  • NEW Sedeo Lite Backrest
  • Q-Series Armpads
  • NEW Z-Finity Footplates
  • NEW Tall Sideguards
  • NEW Remote Stop Switch
  • NEW Capsulated Joystick Mount

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