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TB 0626 Ibis&Puma Family Calf Pad Update


As part of our product review, it has been brought to our attention that on the Breezy Ibis & Puma Family ordering the comfort calf pads can cause confusion, this was due to having to select two options on the order form to receive comfort calf pads:

  •  Depth adjustable calf support, PU, set (Y01204)
  •  Upholstered calf support, set (only i.c.w. depth adj. calf support PU, set) (Y01658)

Therefore on both the Ibis & on the Puma Family with immediate affect we are combining both of these options in to one option, meaning when requiring comfort calf pads you now only need to select Depth adj. calf support, upholstered, set (Y01658).

The order forms for these products will be updated and communicated out in the coming days with this update.

Read the full technical bulletin:​

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