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Coopers Elbow Crutch - Plastic Handle

with a shaped hand grip and arm support to spread hand pressure more evenly.

Product Code: 8263C - Elbow Crutch Double Adj. Plastic Handle Medium 530mm - 806mm (21" - 32")

Product Code: 8265C - Elbow Crutch Double Adj. Plastic Handle Adult 635mm - 940mm (25" - 37")

Product Code: 8267C - Elbow Crutch Double Adj. Plastic Handle Extra Long 820mm - 1092mm (32" - 43")

Product Code: 8298C - Elbow Crutch Single Adj. Plastic Handle Adult 670mm - 940mm (26" - 37")

Strong lightweight double adjustable metal crutches with a shaped hand grip and arm support.

  • Height adjustable aluminium crutches
  • The shape of the handle on this elbow crutch has been designed to spread the pressure more evenly over the hand, and the triangular shape and angle of the handle reflect the natural shape of the hand
  • Double adjustable crutches are adjustable between cuff and handle and handle and ground
  • Latex free (including ferrule)

Technical Specification

  • Cuff diameter: 95mm (3.75”)
  • Product weight: 600g each
  • Ferrule: Z22
  • Maximum user weight: 180kg (28 stone)
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COOPERS Plastic Handle Elbow Crutches

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Armrest Height:200
Total Weight:600g each

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