Empulse F55Pull Device

For Everybody. Everyday. Everywhere.

For Everybody, Everyday, Everywhere

Reduce the strain on your body and convert your wheelchair to a powered device with the Empulse F55. Simple to attach, the F55 gives you the freedom and confidence to travel further, faster and for longer without worrying about the physical effort. Compact is size, the F55 stores just as neatly away in the boot of your car as it does at home, so it's always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Packed with plenty of built-in adjustments, it's the power add-on that doesn't just fit your lifestyle, it'll fit you too. Choose the compact, 8.5" drive wheel for city-centre maneuvering and the 14" drive wheel for more off-road adventures,

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From £2995 

This price is based on standard configuration only. This item may have multiple additional extras that are not included in the published price. Please see your local authorised dealer for a detailed quote.


Enjoy the ride

The ideal solution if you are looking for an environmental-friendly solution that is easy to handle and helps you explore worlds that used to be out of reach.

  • It’s all about where YOU want to go. Highly compact, the F55 will tightly manoeuver around those busy indoor environments. Loaded with the speed (20kph), power and range (upto 25km), you can alternatively conquer the great outdoors without event breaking a sweat. 

  • Available in either an 8.5” wheel for the best indoor manoeuvrability or a 14” for optimised outdoor perfromance. Mounting on the front of the chair the F55 steering can turn 90degress for easier indoor manoeuvrability.

  • Maintain your freedom and independence throughout the day to self propel; but for those long journeys, or as you tire throughout the day the F55 can be easily and independently docked on to your chair thanks to its front mounting.

Enjoy the ride


For everybody, everyday, everywhere

The Empulse F55 is compatible with most fixed-front wheelchairs and offers many benefits in your daily life.

  • Empulse F55 can fit a whole range of wheelchair makes and models. Whether you have a rigid or folding frame, fixed front or swing away model the F55 can be perfectly set up to your chair and to your requirements.

  • 8.5" - City Companion
    Fitted with a 8.5“ solid drive wheel this smaller front wheel allows it to have a compact turning circle for improved indoor manoeuvrability and makes it easier to tranfser into the boot and store. This F55 may be small in size, but it still boasts great capabilities both indoor  and outdoor in urban terrains.

    14" Drive Wheel - Greater Outdoor Performance
    Do you want a power add-on bike to get around the office but also able to ride there? This F55 has a small footprint to navigate indoor environments combined with the traction, power and ride comfort to get you there! Even while taking shortcuts through the parks and canals, the 14“ Empulse F55 is a power add-on bike for urban outdoor terrains.

  • Complete with a very high specification as standard, the F55’s range of controls are here to make your driving experience as easy as possible. Fitted with as standard a clear LCD display, cruise control for those longer journies, forward and reverse to navigate out of a tight spot and a smooth electric brake for a controlled stop.

For everybody, everyday, everywhere


Easy to transport

A dismantled weight of just 9kg combined with a flip up sub frame makes it a compact package for easy handling and storage in even small cars. The F55 is also approved for transportation on aeroplanes and ships saving your energy while on holiday for the activities that you want to do!

Easy to transport

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Width:260 - 480 mm (Wheelchair front frame width)
Castor Wheel:14''
Drive Wheel:14''
Colours:4: Black, red, blue, orange
Max. Range:25 km
Speed:6 kph; optional 10 kph, 15kph or 20kph
Batteries:Lithium-ion, 36V, 8.1 Ah
Max Kerb Climb:up to 11% (6°)
Total Weight:From 13 kg (with battery)
Maximum User Weight:110 kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the flip up sub frame, the F55's pack size can be minimised within seconds: flip the frame, insert the steering tube and you will get a handy package that can be stowed away easily. If necessary, the sub frame and also the battery can even be fully detached.

Store the battery in a dry, cool place at around 10 to 15 degrees. Ideally, the battery should be kept at a state of charge of roughly 75%. If it is stored for too long with little charge, the voltage inside drops so drastically that a deep discharge can occur, which permanently damages the battery.

Max. speed forward is 6 kph. Optional available is 10 kph or 15 kph.
Using the F55 with max. speed-settings higher than 6 kph is only permitted on public roads in certain countries and otherwise may only be used on private property.
In the absence of approval (attached to the Order Form and must be signed before order), in accordance with the road traffic laws, the F55 with speed >6 kph may not be driven on public roads, bicycle-lanes and pavements. You need to inform yourself about the country specific legislation regarding usage and your legal obligation to insure the F55 speed settings higher than 6 kph (10/15 kph). When you're travelling with your F55, always check the specific legislation in the respective country.

The F55 easily fits most manual folding and rigid wheelchairs. Please refer to the Compatibility Guide on the Sunrise Medical website. The Compatibility Guide indicates all chairs for which a Combination agreement exist. The list is an indication of wheelchair models the F55 can be mounted on. Please see also the section "Docking Information" in the Compatibility Guide. Here you  find even more information about what requirements have to be met to attach the F55 to your wheelchair. Frame shape, CoG, wheel-size and seat-depth are of influence. Additionally, a straight section of the frame tube of at least 35 mm is also necessary for the attachment of the clamps. Therefore it is essential to try and test it to be 100% sure! Or ask your supplier for advice.

The F55 is a small, versatile, very maneuverable and transportable pulling device that is intended for in- and outdoor usage. The 14" shows better offroad-capatibility, whilst the 8.5" version convinces with ist very small turning circle in- and outdoor.

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