TB UK080- Breezy SL/TL discontinuation


Benefits to customers moving to the more modern Breezy Basix2, Rubix2 and Rubix2 XL:

The Breezy Basix2, Rubix2 and Rubix2 XL brings a significant number of benefits to the customer:

1. The standard max user weight up to 170kg on XL version, which is greater than that of the SL/TL.

2. It has a seat depth range of 41 – 51cm and seat width of 38 – 60cm, which is a much wider range of sizes to cater for more shapes and sizes.

3. It is lighter than the SL/TL.

4. There is a 5 year frame warranty and a 2 year guarantee on components on the Breezy Basix2, Rubix2 and Rubix2 XL.

5. There are many inclusive options you get with the chair as standard including a tension adjustable back, half folding back (height adjustable), flip back removable height adjustable armrests and arm pads, 70 degree swing in and out leg rests.

6. Some of the Lifestyle and Rehab options available for the chair include single post height adjustable arm rests, hemi armrest pads, fixed back, bracing bar, amputee supports, headrest, one arm drive, hub brakes and most importantly a chair with easy modular adjustment to adjust to suit the user

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