TB 0538 Luca & Samm Colour Discontinuation


As part of the continual evaluation of products carried out at Sunrise Medical, a review has been made on the colour options provided on both the YOU-Q Luca & YOU-Q Samm. We always aim to offer as much choice as possible on all our chairs however this has to be balanced with ensuring all options pass our very high quality standards.

Therefore over the past few months we have been inspecting the consistency of colours available on both to ensure these pass our quality standards. This is to ensure that the customer will receive the colour of the chair they expected.

However during this time we have seen that the variety of the shades of colours available vary too much and therefore have not passed our quality standard. For this reason with immediate effect we are discontinuing the following colours:

- Frame colour red with black covers (P/N B001293)
- Frame colour blue with black covers (P/N B001288)
- Frame colour purple (P/N B001062)

- Frame colour black, supporting arms champagne (P/N B001073)
- Frame colour black, supporting arms red with black covers (P/N B001302)
- Frame colour black, supporting arms blue with black covers (P/N B001298)
- Frame colour black, supporting arms purple (P/N B001300)

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