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Sports wheelchairs for every discipline



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Many adapted sports are designed to be performed in particular conditions. Indoor or outdoor; on one type of track or another; with increased speed or greater stability in mind... Which is why different models of sports wheelchairs have been adapted to incorporate different features into their designs to accommodate for all these variations.

Whether you are considering practising a sport in an amateur or professional capacity, it is important to know about the different types of sports wheelchairs available on the market.

Why are there different sports wheelchairs for each discipline?

Although wheelchair basketball is probably the best known, other sports such as tennis, padel, cycling or adapted rugby also use sports wheelchairs. Basketball and tennis chairs require speed, stability and ease of rotation, hence their angled wheels.

The hand bikes used for cycling have the unique feature of having to be propelled with the arms, with their primary function being for speed, meaning that they require a more aerodynamic design. Those made for rugby and hockey require the addition of different accessories for both attack and defence during a game.

Sports wheelchairs are often complex in their design and technology, adapting not only to the rigours of each discipline but also being tailored to the individual needs of each person, meaning that they are completely unique. They are generally lightweight and made from either titanium or aluminium.

basketball wheelchair

Sports wheelchairs for basketball

Sports wheelchairs for basketball fundamentally require two things: a rigid frame and an anti-tip system. As with all sports wheelchairs, personalisation is a valuable feature that provides players with both comfort and security.

RGK is a world-class brand that specialises in building bespoke sports wheelchairs that allow players to take full advantage of their potential. Among the RGK sports wheelchair range for basketball you will find:

RGK Elite - designed for high level athletes who know their specific requirements, and who expect responsiveness to each and every one of their movements. Its aluminium design, integrating the axle chassis tube, footrest, bumper and anti-tip system makes it one of the most competitive sports wheelchairs on the market.

rgk elite basketball

Cycling: light, aerodynamic and bespoke hand bikes

Hand bikes are the sports wheelchairs used for cycling, useful for both elite sports and for overall muscle exercise. The Shark bikes by QUICKIE are synonymous with lightweight design and durability. All of the models from this range are characteristically tough and hard wearing, improving their propulsion efficiency and the overall performance of the hand bike.

hand bikes

The Shark RT hand bike is the most basic model, providing an excellent ride with reduced weight. It has adjustable handles and foot supports that allow the riding position to be modified according to each individual.

The Shark RS is the racing model. With an aerodynamic design, it has numerous bespoke options as well as minimal frame flexibility, ensuring maximum performance on the track.

The Shark RS Attack goes one step further: it has a shorter and wider frame than the RS, 20 inch rear wheels and a welded back. It is entirely made to measure.

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Check out the full range of Quickie and RGK sports wheelchairs and handbikes to find the perfect training partner for your sport of choice.