Experience freedom like never before with Attitude wheelchair hand bikes.

Experience freedom like never before with Attitude wheelchair hand bikes.

QUICKIE has a wheelchair hand bike for everyone! Whether you’re looking to exercise with the QUICKIE manual add-on wheelchair hand bike, enjoy the benefits of rehab and intermittent exercise with the hybrid power-assisted wheelchair hand bike, or cruise anywhere with the full power wheelchair add-on hand bike. The Attitude wheelchair hand bike series opens up a world of possibilities to live life to the limits.

When you ride with an Attitude wheelchair hand bike you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before!

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Wheelchair Compatibility

The QUICKIE range of add-on wheelchair bikes are easy to attach to a range of manual wheelchairs. The QUICKIE Attitude manual handcycle attachment for wheelchairs is perfect if you’re looking to improve your strength and stamina with a cardiovascular work-out. The powered version of the QUICKIE Attitude manual bike attachment for wheelchairs gives you 100% powered propulsion, so you can take in the sights from the comfort of your manual wheelchair as you cruise around town. The QUICKIE Attitude Hybrid add-on hand bike gives you the best of both worlds – manual cycling combined with powered propulsion. The Quickie range of Attitudes have a great selection of hand bikes for paraplegics. What would you choose?

Which wheelchairs can I use the Attitude hand bikes with?

The Attitude range of wheelchair hand bikes are compatible with the following QUICKIE active wheelchairs that have a fixed-front frame  and a frame width of 28 cm to 46 cm: Life RT, Life R, Argon²  and Helium.

Try the Attitude Hand Bike Series today!

Register your details today to test drive a QUICKIE Attitude hand bike. Our authorised Attitude agents will be happy to let you put the QUICKIE Attitude manual, power or hybrid hand bike to the test.

What’s your wheelchair sport?

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