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Wheelchair Hand Bikes

Experience freedom like never before with Attitude wheelchair hand bikes.

QUICKIE has a wheelchair hand bike for everyone! Whether you’re looking to exercise with the QUICKIE manual add-on wheelchair hand bike, enjoy the benefits of rehab and intermittent exercise with the hybrid power-assisted wheelchair hand bike, or cruise anywhere with the full power wheelchair add-on hand bike. The Attitude wheelchair hand bike series opens up a world of possibilities to live life to the limits.

When you ride with an Attitude wheelchair hand bike you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before!

Attitude Manual

Attitude ManualHand Bike

The hand bike for improving strength, stamina and cardio through cycling.

From £3095

Attitude Power

Attitude PowerHand Bike

The wheelchair hand bike with 100% powered propulsion.

From £4540

Attitude Hybrid

Attitude HybridHand Bike

The wheelchair hand bike that combines manual cycling with powered propulsion.

From £4815

Life does not end when you sit in a wheelchair. It becomes a new one. And it's the perfect opportunity to overcome your limits every day.

Patricia Santana, Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

Spokeguards are plastic covers that fit over your wheelchair's rear wheel. Attached using cable ties, they help to prevent  your fingers getting caught between the wheel's spokes when propelling your wheelchair. They're also a great way of adding a flair of personalisation. Available in a variety of designs, our Built-4-Me wheelchair customisations department can even produce spokeguard covers with your own, unique design!

Sideguards are mounted on the left and right side of your wheelchair. They help to protect your hands and clothing from the dirt and water that can be  kicked up by the wheels of your wheelchair. Sideguards an be fixed or removable and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you have a folding wheelchair, your serial number will be on the cross-brace (the folding bars underneath the seat of your wheelchair). If you have a rigid wheelchair, the serial number will be on the rear side of the frame.

Handrims (sometimes called pushrims) are the part of the rear wheel that you grip to propel your wheelchair. Attached to the outside of the wheel, they're available in a variety of materials (including aluminium, stainless steel or titanium). Handrims are also available with rubber coating or can be equipped with rubber strips that fits over the surface of the handrim to help increase friction. The distance of the handrim to the wheel can be adjusted according to your needs.

Camber is the angle of the wheelchair's rear wheels in relation to the ground. Traditionally, the rear wheels are at  90° to the ground, so the camber measurement is 0. A negative camber (usually seen in sports wheelchairs) adjusts the angle of the rear wheels inwards, so they're easier to grasp - helping to manouvre your wheelchair with less force. The increased width from the spacing of the wheels also helps to improve lateral stability (but can also make it more difficult when navigating narrow environments).



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