ZIPPIE IrisTilt In Space Wheelchair

Simply the best in paediatric positioning.

The Zippie Iris uses patented rotation-in-space technology to rotate the seat frame around the user’s center of gravity. This rotational system provides the shortest possible wheelbase without compromising stability. It also ensures a smooth and controlled rotation.

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ZIPPIE IrisTilt-In-Space Wheelchair
Growth Capabilities

Growth Capabilities

One thing we're certain of is that kids grow! When they do, the IRIS will be ready. With up to 4" of depth adjustment, the IRIS will grow with your child. Adjustable components maintain proper positioning during development while width and additional depth growth may be achieved simply by replacing parts.

40° or 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology

40° or 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology

The Zippie IRIS uses patented rotation-in-space technology for smooth and controlled tilting, the shortest possible wheelbase, and an extremely low weight while providing superior positioning capabilities and caregiver options.

Low Weight and Compact Short Wheelbase

Low Weight and Compact Short Wheelbase

Children often experience transitions in their care throughout the day. It's important that each caregiver involved is able to operate your child's wheelchair with confidence. That's why our engineers designed the IRIS to be the lightest paediatric rotation-in-space wheelchair. Its lightweight frame combined with a shortened wheel base make it easier for each caregiver to maneuver and transport.

Accessories for ADLs

Accessories for ADLs

The IRIS is available with a wide variety of options to help you manage daily activities involving your child's care. For tilting without exposed cables, choose the Foot Release Tilt Actuator. The push-button hub locks located on the back canes are compact, easy to access, and easy to operate for any caregiver. Standard with the Height Adjustable backrest, the Angle Adjustable Stroller Handle has 260° of angle adjustability to fit varying caregiver heights and enable pushing from a tilted position.

Now with Hub Brakes

Now with Hub Brakes

The stocked UK Specification now includes attendant Hub Brakes as standard, giving the operator more control and greater peace of mind when pushing

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Width:71 cm (depending on configuration)
Length:80 cm
Seat Width:25 - 46 cm
Seat Depth:25 - 46 cm
Front seat height:32 - 50 cm
Rear seat height:32 - 50 cm
Tilt in Space:-5-50/5º-60º
Backrest Height:46 - 61 cm
Lower leg length:8 - 47 cm
Additional Growth (Depth):True fit growth
Additional Growth (Width):True fit growth
Frame Angle:60°- 80° swing-in/ out & 70°/ 80°/ 90° SA
Frame Type:Tilting / Rigid
Frame Version:n/a
Total Weight:10 kg (w/o removable items)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.