Teresa Perales

"I love the fact that I can attach the QUICKIE Attitude Hybrid handbike to my wheelchair with just a small accessory. "

I feel like I’m riding a bike again! It fills me full of excitement – and my son too! I prefer the hydraulic version as it also helps me work on my cardio conditioning and power. Participating in a sport like mine, it’s important not to load up your chair too much, so when you’re facing a ‘piggy-back’ passenger for example, it’s useful to get that extra help from the powered option. Plus it helps with longer excursions … you can pretty much go anywhere!

I’ve tried other handbikes before, and the ATTITUDE costs less and has better weight distribution when secured onto your chair. Plus of course it’s perfect for long distance, mine takes me around 100 km!  Attatching it to your chair is super-easy. It only adds 70 grams extra to your chair and doesn’t interfere or damage your clothes. It’s a very discreet add-on too, I actually leave mine parked in the bike bays … quite a few people have come up and asked me about it! Another great advantage is that it’s really easy to handle – and the screen is very intuitive.

My advice to those who are going to travel by plane, transport it attached to your wheelchair. Airlines will treat it as a single item instead of multiple. It’s far easier and is my preferred way of travelling with my ATTITUDE.