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Leckey MygoSeating System

The optimum pediatric postural support seating system.

The Mygo Seating System is a therapy chair that grows with its user without sacrificing optimum posturing for pelvic support. Designed for children aged 3- 14, the pediatric seating and positioning solution gives young people a individualised therapy chair that can be adjusted with their growth to provide strong pelvic support designed to correct poor posturing.

The Mygo Seating System comes in two sizes that easily adjust for the users size and needs, becoming an optimal long term therapy chair which can be adjusted as the users’ needs change. This pediatric seating system offers an extensive range of adjustable supports which can be individualised to fit complex posturing needs.

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LECKEY Mygo Seating & Positioning System
Postural support

Postural support

The Mygo Seating System employs LECKEYs’ four point harness designed to ensure excellent pelvic positional support in order to promote comfort and correct posturing. Easily adjusted from the centre buckle, the four point pelvic harness provides stable and adjustable support. Alongside the range of trunk, head, leg and foot positioning adjustments, the Four Point Pelvic Harness provides a foundation of optimal postural support that grows with the  child.

Designed for comfort

Designed for comfort

The highly adjustable feet, leg, pelvic, trunk and head support allows the Mygo Seating System to be finely adjusted to the comfort and postural needs of its user. Lateral supports alongside an array of specialist headrests can also be used to provide optimal postural support as a therapy chair that grows with its user.

Everyday functionality

Everyday functionality

Through a highly adjustable fame and supports the LECKEY Mygo Seating System is perfect for everyday use. This pediatric seating and positioning solution gives its users room to move, with a chest harness designed with removable shoulder straps allowing individuals to move their arms freely and independently.

Activities such as playing, eating, or chatting with friends are made easy in the Mygo Seating System, with an optional activity table and easy to use chassis making it perfect for the classroom or nursery.

Comfort at every height

Comfort at every height

The Hi-Low Chassis gives the LECKEY Mygo Seating System easy height adjustability for all heights around the home, making the role of the parent and carer easier. Everyday functionality is paramount with the Mygo Seating System.

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Height:User: Size 1 - 105cm to 150cm / Size 2 - 127cm to 168cm
Maximum User Weight:50 kg (Size 1) / 60 kg (Size 2)

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.