LECKEY MyWay+Walker

MyWay+ is an unique open frame gait trainer which cleverly supports children in an upright, hands-free position, and in doing improves stepping to maximise opportunities for exploration, interaction, and participation.

Introducing MyWay+

Building on the very best of the MyWay walker, we are excited to introduce the MyWay+, re-imagined and re-engineered to bring increased individuality to the world of walking frames. By combining a bespoke open frame design and innovative wraparound harness, with a wide range of accessories, the MyWay+ can be tailored to suit every child's needs and abilities. Early intervention is key to optimising a child’s potential, and therefore we have resized our size 1 frame to better accommodate younger children’s body proportions and really give them the best opportunity to develop their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills.

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Leckey MyWay+
Open Frame Design

Open Frame Design

Promoting freedom and independence are at the heart of MyWay+. The minimalist, open-frame design provides support without restriction, enabling children to get up close to friends, family and a world of possibilities.

Each of the three frame sizes comes with our robust new indoor/outdoor wheels, ensuring there is no limit to which path your child can take. These sturdy wheels feature anti-roll back, direction lock and variable resistance as standard, to assist steering, prevent backwards movement, control speed, and ensure all energy is focused on moving and playing.

The frame of the Size 2 and 3 can be separated and folded, to make transport a cinch.

Unique harness for upright, hands-free walking

Unique harness for upright, hands-free walking

The revolutionary corset-like MyWay+ harness provides 360° support for deep core stability. This more natural upright posture improves stepping, head and trunk control, and ensures hands are free to participate and play in the class and out in the playground.

The beautifully engineered harness is comfortable, flexible and structured to help manage children with low or high tone and guide the dynamic sinusoidal movements of gait.

Integral hoisting loops make getting into and out of the walker much easier, especially for tired little legs after a long walk.

Tailored Approach to every child

Available in 3 frames sizes with 6 colour-coded harnesses, MyWay+ brings individuality to the world of walking frames and is now available with an even wider range of accessories. A scissoring gait can be supported distally using the adjustable ankle guides or proximally with the new abduction drop for the new narrow saddle

The new height adjustable adult handles enable the frame to be guided around small spaces and will assist first steps to become meaningful movements.  The basic or complex head supports keep the head upright and in midline and the basic or multi-adjustable complex arm supports give the child an additional means to stabilise their arms or control fluctuating movements. These accessories work together to ensure the MyWay+ can be tailored to each child’s individual needs.

Tailored Approach to every child

MyWay+ has been developed with childhood development in mind.

Children with additional needs often have weaker muscles, especially around their hips. This can impact on their gait, function, and hip joint development. The new side-step function of the MyWay+ locks the castors in a sideways position, providing opportunity to target and strengthen hip abductor muscles whilst they are fully supported in the frame.

In addition, progressing from standing to walking requires a multitude of small but important milestones, e.g. lateral weight shift, side stepping and balance control. With the pedal accessory and side-step castor function, the MyWay+ supports these developmental steps to encourage independent movement. 

Tool-free adjustment of the prone angle and gross and fine height adjustment, together with the wide range of accessories, ensure therapists can optimise set-up to maximise participation and play.  

MyWay+ has been developed with childhood development in mind.

MyWay+ Pedal

The MyWay+ Pedal is a revolutionary elliptical trainer which attaches onto the size 2 and 3 MyWay+. Unlike cycling which encourages a flexed, seated position, pedalling in an upright, weight-bearing position targets and strengthens anti-gravity muscles (calf, quadriceps and gluteals).

The elliptical movement provides a sensori-motor experience similar to gait and can be used passively at first by children who struggle to initiate any steps, to promote muscle memory patterns and encourage a good stepping motion; and later actively, by initiating the movement themselves. Children can also progress from having the ankle straps in place to then removing them for the hardest workout.

Most of all it makes therapy fun!

Tool-free adjustment of the prone angle and gross and fine height adjustment, together with the wide range of accessories, ensure therapists can optimise set-up to maximise participation and play.  

MyWay+ Pedal

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Width:Frame Size 1; 570mm - Frame Size 2; 670mm - Frame Size 3; 720 mm
Length:Frame Size 1; 840mm - Frame Size 2; 930mm - Frame Size 3; 1180mm
Age Range:Frame Size 1; 1 to 5 yrs Frame Size 2; 4-11yrs Frame Size 3; 9-16yrs
Maximum User Weight:Frame Size 1; 25kg - Frame Size 2; 50kg - Frame Size 3; 80kg
Total Weight:Frame Weight 1; 14kg - Frame Weight 2; 7.5kg - Frame Weight 3; 11kg

As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.