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Wheelchair basketball: How is it played?

Wheelchair basketball: Howis it played?


Wheelchair basketball is one of the most well-adapted sports, and is also one of the most widespread in the world. It is estimated that there are currently wheelchair basketball leagues and competitions in 75 countries, which gives us a good idea of its degree of social integration and level of competitiveness.

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Adapted toys for a childhood full of fun

Adapted toys for a childhoodfull of fun


Play is a fundamental part of a child’s life. As well as being enjoyable, it is a necessary element of learning. In the case of children with disabilities, adapted toys are a particularly important resource that help to build self-esteem, fostering the development of the child’s capabilities.

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6 Wheelchair Accessible Cities

6 Wheelchair Accessible Cities


Travelling with a wheelchair can be challenging but if you know the right destination to visit and if you choose a location that makes accessibility easy you can enjoy a memorable trip for all the right reasons!

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Wheelchair accessories to improve your mobility

Wheelchair accessories toimprove your mobility


Wheelchair accessories provide a host of everyday benefits, either by making day-to-day life more easy, increasing your mobility and independence, or improving your level of comfort.

Choosing the right accessories for you depends on your individual needs as well as the type of wheelchair you use, although many accessories are available for both manual and powered wheelchairs, as well as scooters.

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All about wheelchair accessible taxis in the UK

All about wheelchair accessibletaxis in the UK


Did you know that since 6th April 2017 it has been illegal for taxi drivers to discriminate against wheelchair users  This new legislation, introduced by the UK government to increase inclusiveness, applies to vehicles that are designated as wheelchair accessible and means disabled users do not face discrimination or inflated fares when using this popular mode of transport.

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