Xenon² Special Edition

Folding Wheelchair

The popular folding wheelchair now in a very limited special edition.

Our QUICKIE Xenon² lightweight wheelchair is famous for its peerless folding performance and the sleek style.

It has been sold 10.000 times and we celebrate this with a very limited special edition. Be on the lookout, as only the Xenon² Special Edition is limited to only 50 chairs! We put together a specific set of features, already covered by the base price. Order now with the separate Xenon² Special Edition order form.

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The Xenon² family

From just 8.8kg and with a new unique cross-brace combined with the completely re-designed axle stem, the Xenon² is a ultra-lightweight wheelchair that’s easy to fold, lift and transport. It's been cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style that you'd expect from a rigid, active wheelchair.

  • The Xenon² family

    Available in 3 models

    Whether you’re looking for the very best in driving dynamics or the most compact folding dimensions, there’s a Xenon² just for you. Will it be the ultra-lightweight, streamlined design of the Xenon² FF? Or the practical portability of the Xenon² SA? Alternatively, how about the reinforced rigidity of the Xenon² Hybrid?

  • Easy height adjustment

    Adjustable to suit you

    Exactly as it should be – designed to be adaptable to your changing needs, the axle stem on the Xenon² provides easy height adjustment.
    You want to change your chair driving characteristic from passive to more active or the opposite way? Just change the centre of gravity setting by simple repositioning of the axle stem. And don‘t forget to adjust the back angle for your ergonomic posture.

  • Unique cross-brace

    Peerless folding performance

    At the core of the Xenon² is a unique cross-brace that fits so neatly under the seat it's barely noticeable - giving a very minimalistic, open-frame feel that you'd usually associate with a rigid wheelchair. But the similarities don't end with the appearance - the completely re-designed axle stem (combined with the new cross-brace) provides the stiff, stable driving performance feel of an ultra-lightweight rigid frame, but with all the portability of a folding one.

The Xenon² family

Technical Specifications

Reimbursement Code:
Seat Width:320 - 460 mm
Seat Depth:340 - 500 mm
Front seat height:430 - 550 mm
Rear seat height:370 - 500 mm
Back height:250 - 475 mm
Backrest Angle:75° - 103° in 4° steps
Camber:0° / 2°
Max. User Weight:110 kg
As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair. Please consult the user instruction manual for more information.

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