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Liam Hickey

Liam Hickey

Wheelchair Basketball

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"Wheelchair basketball lets me demonstrate to everyone just what people with disabilities are capable of."

Liam Hickey

Born in St. John's, N.L on 25th March 1998, Liam Hickey was born with his right leg missing the femur. Undergoing two major surgeries at the age of 4 and 6, Liam learnt to walk again using a prosthesis, which then led to his first experience with the sport of basketball.

Originally playing stand-up basketball for about 5 years, it was at the age of 9 when Liam was first introduced to recreational wheelchair basketball through the local Easter Seals branch - and was immediately hooked on the high speed physicality of the sport. "Most people don't realise that wheelchair basketball can be played competitively by people without disabilities. This sport is an excellent way for all people to play and have fun - regardless of their level of ability".

Gaining experience via participation in the Maritime Wheelchair Basketball League, Liam was able to compete against (and learn from) other top players in the sport. Named to the U23 National Team, it was whilst competing at the Junior Men's World Championship in 2013 that led to Liam being named a place on the Senior Men's National Team in 2015. With the determination to be a world-class athlete, Liam is looking forward to proudly representing his home country of Canada. "Wheelchair basketball lets me demonstrate to everyone just what people with disabilities are capable of. I've met many people, developed life-long relationships from all over the world".

Liam Hickey, Wheelchair Basketball

When training or competing, Liam Hickey uses the QUICKIE All Court Basketball Wheelchair

"My QUICKIE All Court rigid frame basketball wheelchair gives me the maximum speed and all of the durability that I need on the court."
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Liam Hickey
Liam Hickey

Road to Glory


Paralympic Games (Rio)


Parapan American Games (Toronto)

Silver Medal


World Championships

Under 23 - 6th Place