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Jamey Jewells

Jamey Jewells

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" The biggest challenge for me is to balance being a full-time mom with being a full-time athlete."

Jamey Jewells

Born on the 23rd August 1989 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, Jamey Jewells enjoyed a very active childhood, including participating in basketball from the age of 7 - "I was hardly ever still, let alone in one place for very long". Suffering a car accident at the age of 14, Jamey broke several ribs and also her T12-L1 vertebrae, forcing her to spend 2 years in hospital. Thinking that she'd never lead an active life again, it was during her rehabilitation where Jamey was first introduced to wheelchair basketball - "It was via my occupational therapist in Halifax. I came from Cape Breton where there isn't much in terms of adapted sports. I tried a few sports before deciding on wheelchair basketball. It was the one that appealed the most to me as it was a team sport - plus I loved to play basketball before my injury My occupational therapist and her husband actually let me live with them in Halifax so I could train full-time, with the hope of making the National Team one day. I'll be forever grateful to them. It also goes without saying that my parents were invaluable in my recovery, driving thousands of kilometers in order to pursue whatever sport I was going to stick with".

It was at the 2011 ParaPan American Games where Jamey would win her first medal, securing silver. Since then, Jamey has played basketball professionally all over the world, including being named to the Canadian National team for the 2012 Paralympic Games. "I love how aggressive and in-your-face that wheelchair basketball can be at an elite level. That's the type of sport that really suits me. My passion is always to be competitive. I'm sure if you were to ask any of my teammates, they would agree".

Looking forward to her upcoming competitions, Jamey owes a lot of what wheelchair basketball has given her since her accident. "I met my husband through wheelchair basketball and we now have an amazing little girl, so wheelchair basketball really means family to me - in the literal sense as well as the family sense that exists within our team. It's pretty much my occupation now, so really it's become my full-time job! The biggest challenge for me is to balance being a full-time mom with being a full-time athlete".

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Jamey Jewells

Jamey Jewells Uses...

QUICKIE 7R Series Lightweight Wheelchair

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When training or competing, Jamey Jewells uses the RGK Elite Premium Basketball Wheelchair

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Jamey Jewells
Jamey Jewells

Road to Glory


Paralympic Games (Rio)

5th Place


Parapan American Games (Toronto)

Silver Medal


World Championships (Canada)

Gold Medal


Paralympic Games (London)


Parapan American Games (Guadalajara)

Silver Medal