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Adam Lancia

Adam Lancia

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"I loved every challenge that the sport has presented to me - and I'm still being challenged by it on a daily basis."

Adam Lancia

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 17th January 1980, Adam Lancia was born missing his feet and ankles. Fitted with prosthetics at the age of 1, Adam would go on to enjoy a variety of sports in his childhood including soccer and baseball - but it was at the age of 9 when he discovered his true passion of wheelchair basketball. "I tried the sport after a gentleman called Archie Alison approached my mother and I one summer and asked if we had heard of Variety Village. He explained what it was and it really sounded like something worth checking out. I went to my first wheelchair basketball house leagues the following Saturday and I’ve been hooked ever since! I just fell in love with the sport instantly and the team aspect of it really appealed to me, as well as the pace and contact. I loved every challenge that the sport has presented to me - and I'm still being challenged by it on a daily basis".

Competing at his first Junior World Championships in 1997, Adam would pick up his first gold medal in his hometown of Toronto. Since then, Adam has played in other junior and senior teams in Canada, United States and Europe, with his team securing bronze and gold medals at the World Championships and also gold and silver medals as part of the Canadian team at the Paralympic Games in 2004, 2008 and 2012. "The team aspect of wheelchair basketball appeals to me on a very natural level. It motivates me to invest I my team. It gives us all a common driving force and it's something I will always cherish. It's really become the biggest thing in my life next to my family. Because of the sport, I have made friends who I consider to be family too - partly because of how much time we spend together and also because we would have been friends outside of the sport too".

Looking forward to his upcoming competitions, it's Adam's intention to always be involved in wheelchair basketball in some way for the rest of his life. I'm passionate about my team and my sport. I've invested many years into this sport because I love it so much. I learned an exceptional amount about wheelchair basketball from Mike Frogley, especially when it comes to the teaching aspect of the sport. It's one of my dreams to always be involved in wheelchair basketball in some way, shape or form for a very long time after my professional career".

When training or competing, Adam Lancia uses the RGK Elite Premium Basketball Wheelchair

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Adam Lancia
Adam Lancia

Road to Glory


Paralympic Games (Rio)


Paralympic Games (London)

Gold Medal


Paralympic Games (Beijing)

Silver Medal


Paralympic Games (Athens)

Gold Medal


World Championships (Japan)

Bronze Medal


Junior World Championships (Brazil)

Gold Medal


Junior World Championships (Toronto)

Gold Medal