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Returning a Product

Find out how to return a product or part to us, along with our disinfection requirements.

Before returning an item to us, please ensure you have read the information below.

When returning an item, please follow the returns process underneath and ensure you label whether the item has been disinfected or not.  Failure to do so may mean that your return takes longer to process or is rejected. Should you have any queries on any of the below, please contact us at

Please note this returns process is for our approved customers only. If you are an end user wanting to return an item, please contact the dealership or wheelchair service your product was acquired through. 

Returns Policy

1) Warranty Claims
Please note that warranty is for parts only. The warranty details will be enforced as specified in the user manual of the product concerned.

All parts being claimed for under warranty must have an invoice number for the replacement part (as explained in the Returns process below) as this is used for the credit. Invoice numbers start 18UI........ 

We frequently get claims for parts that have not yet been invoiced. We cannot process these so please wait until you receive the invoice before sending in the returns form.

2) Damage through delivery 
Should you receive a delivery from Sunrise Medical that is damaged, you must refuse the delivery.

Transit damaged items will only be accepted if we have been notified within 24 hours of the delivery and you have marked your delivery note from the carrier as “damaged”. The parts must be returned immediately as per the Returns process below.

3) Ordering errors/No longer required 
Any ordering errors or items that are no longer required, must be notified to us within 5 days and returned within 30 days: If there is not a fault with the product, then any claims made after 30 days will be rejected.

Re-stocking fees

  • If a part has been incorrectly ordered or is no longer needed then a restock fee of 20% is applied
  • For any configured products this is 45% 

Returns process

Please ensure you follow the below carefully in order for us to process your return:

1.  All goods returned must have a pre-approved WR number as detailed below – failure to obtain a WR number may result in the claim being delayed or rejected.

2.  The WR number is obtained by sending a fully completed Returns form to the returns inbox at Return forms can be downloaded from via ReturnMenu>Returns Form>Print and must include all of the following:

  • The collection address with postcode
  • The name and phone number of the contact person at the collection address
  • The number of parcels/boxes being returned
  • A valid serial number if claiming under warranty
  • An invoice number for the replacement part if being claimed under warranty (we can get this from a valid PO but this takes us extra time so we prefer the invoice number)
  • Part number of the item with description
  • The full description of why the part/product needs to be returned:
    * N.B. Incorrect or Faulty is not sufficient
    Use unambiguous descriptions; what you ordered Vs what you received, how many did you order Vs how many you received, what part failed and how did it fail.

3.  All used products are expected to be disinfected before returning, in accordance with the new Medical Device Regulations, and must be clearly labelled as either "disinfected" or "not disinfected". Please see the section below on Disinfection Requirements to ensure you are compliant.

4.  All goods should, where possible, be collected from the organising dealer, not from the end user. This is to ensure that the end user has received adequate support and the parts returned are correct and have been correctly packaged.

5. It is the responsibility of the dealer to ensure that the parts are correct and have been adequately packaged in the original packing – failure to do so may result in the claim being rejected.

6. End product returns may take a little longer as authorisation is required before the return can be arranged.

Disinfection Requirements

The new Medical Device Regulations that come into force on May 25th 2020 and with new Requirements for ISO13485 (revision 2016) becoming obligatory on February 28th 2019, means that there is an enhanced focus on disinfection standards.

All used products that are returned to Sunrise Medical (including but not limited to service, warranty and demo chairs) are expected to be disinfected before returning. It is understood that this may not always be possible. So, all products must be clearly labelled as “Disinfected” or “Not disinfected”. Failure to label in this way will mean that your request will take longer to process.

Hygiene measures before products can be returned to Sunrise Medical:

  • All surfaces which come into contact with the user must be treated with a disinfection spray. To do this, you must use a suitable disinfectant for rapid alcohol-based disinfection of medical products and medical devices. There should be a minimum exposure time of 15 minutes before the product can be considered disinfected. 
  • Always take into account the manufacturer’s instructions for the disinfectant before use. 
  • The joystick control on power wheelchairs can be wiped with a damp cloth with a dilute disinfectant until clean.
  • Ensure all surfaces are rinsed with clean water and dried thoroughly after disinfecting.
  • Do not use solvents, bleaches, abrasives, synthetic detergents, wax polishes or aerosols.
  • Refer to the user manual for the cleaning of speciality controls.
  • Disinfected products should be placed in or covered with a non-permeable plastic bag or its original packaging and labelled as disinfected to maintain disinfection and cleanliness whilst being transported or stored.
  • Where available, please attach a copy of your Disinfection Certificate to the product.


  • All parts claimed under warranty should, where possible, be repackaged in the packaging that the replacement parts were sent in.
  • All goods ordered or received in error must be returned in the original packaging – failure to do so may result in the claim being rejected.
  • All new goods must be returned in a reusable condition – failure to do so may result in the claim being rejected.


  • When you are advised of the WR number, you will also be given the date of collection.
  • Please ensure that there is someone available at the collection address given on the Returns form to ensure that the collection is successful.
  • Please ensure that the correct parcel is collected and marked with the WR number.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct parcel is collected. If the incorrect parcel is collected then you may be charged for the re-collection of the correct parcel. When an incorrect parcel is collected, you will need to arrange your own collection of the incorrect part if you want it returned.

Rejected returns claims

For any claims that are rejected, the parts will be kept for 10 working days and then they will be disposed of. If you want the parts to be returned, then it is your responsibility to arrange collection within that period. This will be at your cost. If you require Sunrise Medical to arrange delivery then we would require a purchase order number to cover the cost of carriage.