Empulse R20

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During the forward movement the motor winding (Stator) is uncoupled (by the freerun). This is not the case when moving backward, as the motor windings create a voltage causing the LED´s flashing, which is completely normal.

The R20 is a pushing device without any braking function. A drumbrake is only recommended, but not mandatory, as it always depends on the capabilities of the user and the area of application. (E.g. Environment, sloping terrain.)

The motor power will be reduced − the motor operates with a low charging level ~100 W lower.

The R20 is compatible with all wheelchair models that have a box frame and tube diameter between 22 and 28 mm. For the latest information vist the R20 webpage.

No. Please do not attempt to shorten or cut the docking arms. Complete docking arms or only tubes are available as a spare part. A matrix of the required docking arm length is available in the parts manual (section documents) or on the web page. 

Yes, the dealer can adapt the docking arm length economically, via spare parts (tube set) or ordering complete docking arms.

The maximum extension is indicated by the red mark, this should not be exceeded.

Docking A: 220 g  
Docking B: 275 g  
Docking C: 710 g
Bracket operating device: 45 g

Docking A (screwed version): will be used in general for the active chairs (E.g. Life R, Life F). The advantages are: lower weight impact, easy assembly and no positioning. Docking B (clamped version): will be used in general for all other chairs including competitor chairs. Docking C: can only be used for Breezy Ibis.

The direction of the motor rotation is shown on the motor housing (see arrow). The attachment is correct when the motor cable is positioned on the left hand side (rear view) in the docked position.

This can be seen in the docking arm matrix (please see documents in the parts manual or also documentation R20 on the web page.

The attachment angle always must be in a range between 20° and 45° to make sure that the drive wheel can generate automatically enough grip through its forward rotation.

Yes, this is possible by using the docking B version 29-32mm.

Yes.The docking system B covers frame tube diameters from 22-28mm due to its design (shape of the clamping parts). In addition there is a docking system B for 29-32 mm tube diameter, but the only difference is the length of the bolts. 

Yes it is possible, please use docking B and choose the option EMR000146 Neon² on the orderform. 

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