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TB0604 Jay Zip Back Hardware Change


At Sunrise Medical we strive to continually improve our products, with this in mind we are happy to announce that from September 30th 2019 all Jay Zip Back’s will be shipped with the J3 Compact Mounting Hardware.

Reason for Change

Following customer feedback and a review of the current hardware,we found the following:

  • The removal of the backrest is not intuitive
  • The plastic ‘hook’ can be broken or removal or attachment

Design Update

Our engineers have designed a new interface bracket to align the J3 Compact Mounting Hardware to the Jay Zip backrest shell to ensure that the sizing is not affected.

Customer Benefit

The new mounting hardware is more durable and stable than the current Jay Zip brackets, and offers improved adjustability versus the old version. We have been using this design on the J3 backrests for a while now so it is a tried and tested design. Also, the new mounting hardware is compatible with our existing J3 clamp brackets so that it can be retro fitted to existing products.

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