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TBUK118 QUICKIE Q700-UP Series Updates


At Sunrise Medical we are always looking for ways to develop our products further to offer a higher level of functionality, to overcome challenges that customers face in the field and to streamline our product range when required.  Therefore the following technical bulletin contains:

  • Q700-UP Series - Returned To Seating Button
  • Q700-UP Series - CxSM Firmware Update 8.12

Q700-UP Series - Returned To Seating Button

As part of our continual commitment to developing our Complex Rehab range, we are pleased to announce two new updates to our Q700-UP family.

All Q700-UP (M or F) from the 1st of May will be fitted with a return to seating button positioned on the inside of the right arm. This will allow customers to return to the seated position if one or more of the actuators lose feedback, this will ensure that the client will not be held in an uncomfortable position if they lose feedback.

This new feature requires the following to still be functioning:

  • There is a feedback signal still from the forward tilt actuator
  • The chair is turned on
  • There is charge within the chair
  • There is no error in the CxSM module

The return to seating hardware (Cover with Switch and connecting loom to Port 8 of the CxSM) can also be retrofitted to existing Q700 UP chairs in the field if required by ordering 218 14 105. This will also require the new Firmware update 8.12 (description below)

Q700-UP Series - CxSM Firmware Update 8.12

We have also released a new firmware update further enhancing the functionality of the Q700-UP series, these updates include:

  1. Enabling the legrest angle actuator to stop moving with all other actuators when the chair doesn’t move into the stand position, this may be due to either the castor locks or active anti-tip not engaging, this ensures that the user is not in an uncomfortable position.
  2. The Trajectory axis is now able to be engaged even with the forward tilt angle being higher than 40°, this means that the chair is able to go from standing to a middle position to seated
    i.e. Stand – Lay Flat – Seated
  3. The return to seating function listed above is also able to be activated; this will therefore allow the seat to return to a comfortable position even if one or more actuators lose its feedback signal.

When updating the chairs new 8.12 firmware we strongly recommend that you also update your PC programmer software to the NEW 6.30.0 for both dealer and OEM programs. This update can be found on Web IQ under the following:

All chairs delivered from the 20th of May 2019 will be delivered with the new firmware update. The firmware can be received by contacting our Power Product Specialist Sam Owen directly.

The process for updating the firmware can be seen on the following link

For any queries regarding any of the above updates please contact either our Power Product Specialist Sam Owen ( or our Power Technical Product Specialist John Barnsley

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