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TBUK100 JCM Triton Design Improvements


We are pleased to announce that following post market surveillance and customer feedback we have implemented a series of design improvements to the JCM Triton Seating System to further improve strength and durability and extend the products life in the field.

The following areas of the JCM Triton Seating system have been updated and all updates are 100% backward compatible, meaning the new version of all parts can be fitted to existing models in the field.

  • Armrest & Legrest Spline wheel
  • Leg Adductor Brackets
  • Footplate Mounting Plate

Armrest- Reason for Change

Over time the JCM Triton Armrest and footplates can become loose requiring the spline wheel (shown to left) to be tightened.

Design Update

Two areas of improvement were identified that eradicate this issue

  1. The profile of the teeth on the spline wheel has changed to increase engagement along with the material specification to increase its hardness. These two changes ensure a more positive lock and eradicate the slippage that occurred over time as well as increasing the strength of the wheels.
  2. The Spline wheels are fixed into the armrest plate and this has now been increased in thickness from 3mm to 5mm. This allows the screw fixing the spline wheel into the armrest to further engage so it will not unwind over time. (Size 2 Only)

Customer Benefit

Reduces the occurrence of armrest and footplates working loose over time

Leg Adductors-Reason for Change

Over time the JCM Triton leg adductors brackets can wear which makes releasing these difficult.

Design Update

The mounting plate has been changed from ABS Plastic to Aluminum increasing the strength of this part.

Customer Benefit

Reduced the occurrence of wear and the component not working. Increasing ease of use

Footplate Mounting Plate- Reason for Change

Historically we have offered a QA20 special build for a reinforced footplate for clients that extend and put extreme pressure through the footplates causing them to bend and break over time. This option has now been made as standard on all JCM Triton Seating Systems

Design Update

Extra material has been added on the underside of the plate increasing the strength and a radius added to displace the force put through the plate.

Customer Benefit

Increased strength for client that put force through the footplate.

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