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TB UK107 Zippie and Quickie Salsa M2 Mini Battery Update


Description of Issue / Solution:
At Sunrise Medical we always endeavour to provide products which are to the highest quality and therefore we continually review all product feedback. As a result of this in November 2018 we released an announcement where we identified that there were challenges around the Salsa M2 Mini batteries longevity, in this communication we explained the following:

 Reported issue – Reported quality issue on Salsa M2 Mini batteries (36Ah)

•    Batteries leaking

•    Not holding charge and providing enough range

•    Battery life not lasting (length in service)

Root cause – following an investigation we found:
•    Incorrect mix of silicon Vs Gel which will reduce battery performance and under charge, which causes increased pressure and leakage

•    Damaged batteries in transit

•    Battery separation plates not welded correctly – this means batteries will not take and retain the full charge


In this communication our corrective action explained that we carried out an audit on the supplier of our batteries and as a direct result of this we decided to change suppliers. From December 2018 we have begun to steadily transition from our previous supplier to an alternative supplier, this slow transition was due to the demand we required from our new supplier and them having to increase their supply.


We are pleased to announce that from 27TH January 2019 all Salsa M2 Mini’s we will be using Haze 41Ah batteries.

This update brings a number of direct benefits to both our customers and users.

The benefits to our customers are that the 41Ah batteries are IATA approved for Aircraft transportation and secondly these will overcome the previously reported issues.

The direct benefit for users is that we are increasing the battery size from 36Ah to 41Ah which has a direct result on the distance of the Salsa M2 Mini, with the new batteries the range increases on the Salsa M2 Mini from 19km to 25km.

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