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TBUK117 DriveStation Discontinuation


With immediate effect, we regret to announce that the unique Special Input Device; the DriveStation control has been discontinued due to our supplier’s stock becoming obsolete. There is no direct replacement however the closest alternative allowing the Special Control to be mount free is the TouchDrive 2.

Spare parts will be equivalent and where these are no longer available a full refund will be offered.

TouchDrive 2 – A proportional Special Input Device ideal for clients with limited hand movement or who struggle to apply pressure to a standard joystick. The TouchDrive uses an ultrasensitive touch screen technology similar to a smartphone and allows the user to drive their chair by placing their finger/hand on the screen and simply dragging to the desired position. The TouchDrive 2 can be similarly mounted in a variety of positions like the Drivestation such as on a tray, the user's lap or anywhere the client requires.

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