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TB 0612 New Ellipse Hand Rim


When improving and developing our product range we are focusing on the features and benefits of the product, but there are also other factors affecting the product’s success. Long lead times have a huge impact on customers and end users; not only delaying the individual component but also the complete chair. Therefore, from Monday 2nd September 2019 we will be moving from the Surge LT hand rims, to the Ellipse 3R versions.

Reason for Change
Upon review of our purchasing channels, we noticed that the Surge LT hand rims were difficult to source and were often late, or on long lead times. This had the knock of effect of delaying whole chair orders, meaning we were unable to provide the customer with product on the date initially promised.
We understand the Surge LT hand rims are popular, so we have ensured all replacements offer a like for like replacement, whilst also offering some improvements and benefits to the user.


Customer Benefit
As previously mentioned, the Ellipse 3R hand rims will offer a reduced lead time vs the Surge LT, meaning we can get the chairs to you quicker and avoid delays.
Customers will also retain and even exceed the current benefits of the Surge LT handrims, with an ergonomic shape for improved grip, and a durable and reliable rubber compound for longevity. We also retain the lightweight feel of the hand rims weighing in at just 565 grams, as well as being able to fit onto both 24” and 25” wheels.


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