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Quickie Argon2 Seat Depth


This Technical Bulletin is to advise on some changes in the way the QUICKIE Argon2 is manufactured. These new methods have resulted in some alterations to the seat depths that are available.

When building an Argon2 we allow for a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 1cm for seat depth on the Argon2. However, we found that, in many cases, seat depths lay outside of this tolerance and were often too deep. For example, a chair with an expected seat depth of 42cm would actually have a seat depth of 43.5cm.

Following feedback from customers we have made corrections at the source of manufacturing to minimise these deviations in seat depth. As a result we have taken immediate action to ensure that the seat depth of all Argon2’s manufactured going forwards will be within the agreed +/- 1cm tolerance.

This means there are slight changes to the order form for the Argon2:

  • A 30cm seat depth is no longer available; the shortest available seat depth is now 32cm
  • A deeper, 52cm seat depth option, has been made available for users who require increased seat depth

How is seat depth measured?

  • Seat depth is always measured from the front side of the backrest tube (on the bare tube, not on the upholstery) to the front edge of the upholstery. Measuring in this way ensures the seat depth will be within our +/- 1cm manufacturing tolerance.

Like for like replacement Argon2 orders

  • Please note, if you are ordering an Argon2 for a like for like replacement of an older model (where you would ordinarily quote the serial number in order to replicate the previous model) please remember to take into account the new measuring technique when you place your order to ensure you receive the anticipated seat depth.

Benefits for the customer

These changes mean the seat depth is now more accurate offering an improved fit for the end user. An increased, 52cm seat depth, makes the Quickie Argon2 suitable for users who may be longer in the femur.

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