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TB UK105 Breezy Cirrus 4 Discontinuation


Technical Bulletin UK105 is confirmation of the official discontinuation of the BREEZY CIRRUS 4 commencing from 1 st November 2018.

The CIRRUS 4 has been replaced in functionality and features by the CIRRUS G5. Since the introduction of the CIRRUS G5, the demand for the CIRRUS 4 has significantly reduced and has now reached a point where the manufacturing for the CIRRUS 4 is no longer viable.

Spares or equivalents will be maintained and supplied for 5 years for the CIRRUS 4.

A replacement product can be found in the BREEZY CIRRUS G5. Please see below for more information on the benefits of switching to the CIRRUS G5.

Benefits to customers moving to the more modern CIRRUS G5:

The CIRRUS G5 brings a significant number of benefits to the customer:

1. Cirrus G5 offers a wide range of seat sizes from 39cm-54cm in width and 44cm-54cm in depth.

2. Cirrus G5 has 33 degrees worth of tilt, compared to the industry standard of 25 degrees offering optimum pressure relief.

3. Cirrus G5 has the choice of either tool adjustable options or easily adjustable options dependant on the environment the chair is used in.

4. Cirrus G5 has easily identifiable grey handles making operation of something like tilting the chair intuitive and easy for the carer with no training required.

5. Cirrus G5 allows you to adjust the armrests by 3cm in width to grow the chair offering a great fleet solution.

6. Cirrus G5 offers an all-inclusive specification with great cost savings against competitor products.

7. Cirrus G5 has an array of accessories to meet a variety of clinical and lifestyle needs on the standard order form.

8. Cirrus G5 not only offers a fantastic solution for the user but also has many features that benefit the carer that are easy to operate, such as the new advanced anti-tip system.

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