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TB 0534 Puma 40 Wheel Hub mounting


Following post market surveillance and customer feedback we understand that on occasion the bolts on the drive wheel hub of the QUICKIE Puma 40 may loosen or break. We have investigated these reports and understand the root cause and the corrective measure. It has been found that the two Puma 40 models affected are listed below, we also found the date range affected models between January 2015 – November 2016:

  • Puma 40’s with AMT Schmid Motors
  • Puma 40’s with the outdoor wheels with the wheel design found in source A (see full technical bulletin).

From our investigation we found that the loosening of these bolts arose from reduced tolerance in the bolt and, the length of the axle key. All of which resulted in free play between the wheel hub and the motor axle. Corrective Action (if required) We have made the following amends to the wheel hub assembly:

  • Changed the bolt from an 8.8 tensile strength to a A4-80 stainless steel bolt
  •  Replaced the 32mm axle key to 40mm long
  • Updated the assembly instructions

Also the following parts have been replaced:

  • Drive wheel mount set (P/N HCM9006008) has been replaced by both the outdoor drive wheel mounting set (P/N HCM9011821) and indoor drive wheel mount set (P/N HCM9011822).
  • Puma 40 hub indoor/outdoor AMT HT service (P/N HCM9006008) has been replaced by both the outdoor service hub (P/N HCM9011823) and indoor service hub (P/N HCM9011824)

Affected wheelchairs can be updated with free of charge parts by contacting our technical service center by emailing We have conducted extensive testing to analyse the durability of the new mounting with no failures to date. However customer feedback and reporting of issues helps us to ensure that these solutions work in the field therefore please feedback via

For the full technical bulletin please visit

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Parts Manual: Updated assembly instruction spare part kit 9011821 Spare part numbers will be updated in the next update of the TM. Replacing the drive wheel instruction 5.3.11 will be updated in the next update of the TM

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