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TB UK069 Discontinuation of Neptune Manufacture & Provision


As part of its continuous efforts to improve the service and products it provides to its customers JCM Seating Solutions have made the decision to discontinue supplying the Neptune seating system. Whilst the Neptune has served its purpose well over the years, increasing demand for performance and flexibility has shown potential weaknesses and areas ready for improvement.

Whilst the Neptune will no longer be available itself JCM Seating Solutions will continue to support its use in terms of reviews, repairs and spare parts.

Moving forward the seating requirements for those users presenting with mild to moderate seating and postural management requirements can be met by the new Neptune 2. This seating system has been designed from the ground up for this segment and is the result of a combination of JCM’s unparalleled experience coupled with feedback from healthcare professionals as to what is really required to meet these requirements.


  • The styling, and choice of age and environment appropriate upholstery colour, is designed to make the chair as attractive and user friendly as possible, helping to ensure acceptance.
  • Ease of adjustment is second to none – all major seat dimensions can be adjusted with the user in situ, ensuring precise and accurate adjustment can be readily accomplished – both for initial set-up and also subsequent review visits. Traditional tool adjustment can be changed for tool-less adjustment to make this even quicker and easier.
  • The range of sizes covered by the 4 seats is remarkable – at its smallest the Neptune 2 can accommodate a seat depth of just 13 cm, lower leg 11cm and back height of 32.5cm. At its largest the size 3 will accommodate a user approaching 6 feet in height.
  • As a truly modular system the Neptune 2 can have as little or as much support as the appropriate user requires – ensuring that at all times through the user’s growth and development support is always optimal.

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